Bodystocking with halter neck: how do you do it up?

Hello Friends

I have this Halter Neck Bodystocking

Being a guy i have never worn anything with a halter neck, this bodystocking comes with two straps one would go around the neck i can easily see that but the other two straps are at the side would these go around the back to be tied up ?


Hey teacake,

That is a very nice looking bodystocking :) I do not own this one but I can confirm that the other two straps are to be tied around the back; think bikini or bra strap if that helps.

Enjoy your new bodystocking x

What a shame there is no picture of the back. That would surely answer your question.

I am guessing the other two tie somewhere like the underband of a bra would sit.

Can live chat help?

Nice bodystocking btw x

Thank You

Looks like i did get it right in the end then You are right it is a very nice looking one the pattern is really nice.

When i get a chance ill be uploading the pictures on my profile.

@ lovingnewtoys yea i first looked for a picture that would of shown me straight away, i didn't think of live chat, thanks as i didn't think of that.