another newbie...

Hey another newbie to the site so thought i would post to say hi *waves* Only come on last night for a look and ended up spending £40 and then realised theres alot more to the site than just the here i am

Hello there!

£40? It's only the beginning!

Here are the rules and the welcome thread to browse through:

See you around!

hey hey, as WandA said, 40 quid is the tip of the iceburg. But dont let that put you off, there are so many amazing things on here, hope u hav fun



£40 truly is only the beginning!! You get sucked in and want more and more and more

Anyway, see you around the site!

hello and welcome!

Thanks for the replies guys...and yeah i do believe it is only the begining....a girl can never have enough

Hello there and welcome to the forums!


hello and welcome x

Hello and welcome to LH

hi :-) and welcome to the OA!

Hiya and welcome, indeed £40 is getting off lightly if you pardon my French, but hope to hear more from you!!!


Thanks for the warm welcome lovelys

Just been geting used to the forum...finding some rather interesting topics

Once we have you in our clutches, you can't get away. MuHaHa!