I've recent read all of the Fifty Shades books, and I'm looking for something similar. There's so much to choose from on the site, any recommendations? LH site only please :)

Hi MrsMcX - I have also read all the Fifty Shades books and really enjoyed them too. Unfortunately the books I am ready at the mo don't seem to be on here and I don't want to mention authors that are not stocked on LH - There are a few I have my eye on though due to the reviews:

Hope this helps Hun :) xx

Oh yeah, they do look good! Now I can't decide haha!! Thanks sweetie xx

Have you had a look at the Crossfire series by Sylvia Day? I read the first book straight after /i read 50 Shades and much prefered it. :)




Ahhhh thanks so much Soph!! I knew it was someone's name that ended in day, but I thought it was Monday for some reason, no wonder nothing come up on the search!! Haha!! I remember someone recommending them on a fifty shades thread, so I think I'll go for that next. Thanks :) x

You're welcome hun :)

I also really liked the After Dark series by Sadie Matthews, but sadly LH don't stock the books here which is a shame really. x

I really like KD Graces books especially the iniation of miss holly. The crossfire books are good as well but I wanted more sex scenes in them. I'm just reading the accidental mistress which is the second book in the accident al series.

I hope you enjoy your reading!

Try the Original Sinners series by Tiffany Reisz, good sex scenes & intriguing plots. There are some free short stories on her website as well

The initiation of ms holly is good. I've heard good things about The Story of O (it's on my wishlist), howver, currently but I keep finding toys to buy! The OH pefers me to buy toys rather than books! ;-)