Boots and sex

Yes @Natalie I have a thing for boots…no kidding I have loads and my shoe collection is impressive too…I wear boots all year round except on holiday…or when exercising.

I love how they look…they are mainly knee high and upwards…mainly black too.

And when on for sex…for me it notches up the session…especially with shiny glossy black tights that are ripped open…



Oh @CurvyJilly … I’m so envious! And heaps of questions!

Most if all… can we go shopping together trying and buying boots! You sound like so much fun! :kissing_heart::heart:

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I really can’t fit anymore in my bedroom…
I keep saying no more and then “spot” a bargain…



Feel free to send some my way! :rofl::heart::kissing_heart:

So hot!


Agreed! :kissing_heart: i love boot weather! We’re coming into boot weather now!

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I love boots would be great to see pictures

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I’ve dropped pics in the Threads. Feel free to check them out!

Nice pics I love boots with high heels

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Thanks! I’m starting to build quite a collection. :boot::zap::yum:

My oh loves me in high heels i sometimes have difficulty in walking in them

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I think we all struggle! Let’s open up a thread and find out!

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@Natalie Good idea would you like to start it hope your ok

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