bored of going solo

Hey everyone,

As some may know me and my OH have been in a long term relationship but still live in different cities so only get to see each other every other weekend or so. Anyway, I've always masturbated a fair amount (once or twice aday) and with the OH so far away that hasn't really changed unless of course we are together for a weekend. Recently however although I've felt the urge for a wank I really haven't enjoyed them, they have become just something to do and I don't know how to make my alone time a bit more fun.

I wondered if anyone else has got bored of masturbation and any tips to make it more fun again?

Thanks peeps

Try chat with your partner over phone/skype etc. Thats what we do and its really interesting and fun. Also you can try mails or sexy texts. Thats what we do in long distance relationship and it seems to be working well for us.

I never get bored of masturbating (it may help that I have over 40sex toys)

Recently split up from my boyfriend being single again means I have more time to have solo fun, I dont think it ever gets boring for me.

but if youre feeling bored, have a browse a toys and make masturbating not so 'solo' take pictures and send to your OH, make him feel part of it even though he's not there.


I definately agree with Laveila, Sexts can help tease you throughout the day, so it's better when you finally do have a wank. Haven't tried phone sex, but I've definately had the best wanks while having webcam sex.

I agree with the above... use your phone! Sexting and pics really spice things up!

Oh, I think that's a good idea to refrain.

Don't just do it for the sake of it but when you feel the urge. Also, have you tries the strokers and sleeeves that Lovehoney offer? They add a lot more variation and sensations.

How about buying a this- or a simple bullet like this- and use the vibrations on yourself? I think the cockring is an excellent choice because it's an amazing couple toy that can be used together and also the bullets are detachable. =]