Boyfriend is into peeing!??

just wondered if anone else has had this happen to them, was just browsing on my b/fs computer to find he'd been on porn sites with girls being peed on! i was utterly shocked as he has never mentioned this before and i would never want to try it out. does this mean he is thinking about doing it or is this just porn he likes? and how do i bring up this subject with him? any suggestions would be great!

Maybe you could suggest a joint venture under the shower, if you are right then provided he can pee through what may well be the erection to end all erections you will likely discover his inclinations in this direction. Obviously under the shower it wont hang around for long. Might just be worth having him drink lots of water before you go down this road. Maybe some feedback would be nice as to how it goes !! Good luck. The only people who piss on me at the moment are generally my line managers. Thanx. Phil.

I wouldn't worry about it too much - just because he might enjoy seeing pictures of peeing doesn't necessarily mean he wants to do it on you. Perhaps he saw them and was as shocked as you, you never know!

There's the possibility he would say yes if you offered of course, but good relationships are all about give and take, so he should understand if you don't want to try. If he did start nagging you about it you could always negotiate - tell him that it isn't your bag, but how'd he like to try ... instead. Have you got any unfulfilled fantasies?

One last thought - your own lack of interest may change. I've encountered things myself that were shocking at first, and of no interest. Then after a while I became less shocked, then intrigued, then fascinated. Then I tried and enjoyed. So don't rule things out forever.

I can recommend a book you might like to read that's full of fantasies and might help you get your head around the whole subject - My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday. A classic!

he may of just stumbled upon it and become curious. he doesnt necessarly have to had found it a turn on

in case he does like it and you are against it, i wouldnt bring it up.

If there were a lot of these sites, then it's probably more likely that it's a turn on for him, rather than just an accidental stumble-across.
I'd engage him in a light-hearted conversation about any sexual fantasies the two of you would like to try out together. If he brings up the watersports, just let him know that it's not your thing. If you have a good relationship it shouldn't be an issue and he'll respect your stance.

thanks guys, loadsa help. i did mention it to him and it didnt seem like he was into that kinda thing but that has happened before when he wanted to try it up the bum, and like you said Bath-Bi_Guy i found it shocking at first but now i love it! maybe this might be similar?! i think its the whole fact that its so wrong makes you curious.

Was the same with my BF. I was a little shocked at first but now love it!

Have you never heard your husband/partner let out that loud sigh after he gets up for his morning sprinkle? I have and I reckon my 'old man' finds it relieving, pleasureable even... Like you have previously said he's not really into that kinda thing but maybe he just wanted to see what it was like?? Men talk sex all the time, like we have girlie chats, one of his mates might have sparked an interest and he couldn't resist taking a sneaky peek... I see nothing wrong with 'golden showers' as long as he didn't eat or drink anything funky before he peed all over me :( I apologise for lowering the tone already but have any of you ever smelt your own pee after eating a bowl of sugar puffs?? Now see what I mean?? lol

had to lmao at the sugar puffs comment!!! its so true!! i have experimented with the golden shower thing, it didnt overlly "do it" for me when i was the one recieving, but after a few attempts i managed to wee on him and it was quite nice, like marking my territory!! i prefered doing it in the bath though as it seemed cleaner! he enjoyed it imensely though, which goes on to prove blokes are gross!!!!

i have never thought of this but after reading your comments i might see if my bf wants 2 give it a go.

Oh My God Bath Bi Guy. Was tryin to remember the name of the author of my own secret garden yesterday so i could buy it. Read it in my early 20's and it is a fantastic book. Not only does it make you realise that you are entirely normal with all your fantasies, its a huge turn on as well. Thank you for reminding me, im off to buy it tomorrow.

i say if you have to pee the best place is on your b/f,because after all they usually s''t on you

Sugar puffs are evil :-) Just as what you eat can affect the taste and smell of your cum, so it can also affect the smell of your pee. Anti-biotics, beetroot, booze and sugar puffs are well known for having adverse effects. Drinking plenty of water should help to keep the badness down and make being showered more pleasant.

ye my ex bf was the same he found it a turn on.

i new a lad that found it a turn on. it may be a bit weird to most people but really we all hav are little fantisys and he may not want to do it with you it mite just be what sort of porn he is into . if you feel you hav a good close relationship. if i was you i would sit down and talk 2 him. ask him whta turns him on ask him wether girls peeing or getting peed on turns him on. just ask him carmly and he dosent evan hav to know you have seen the porn just ask it like u are curiouse. hope this is a help ayway.xxxx

I cant see the turn on at all getting peed on but if that what floats his boat then i suggest talking to him and if he wants you to try it then its upto you but make sure you are comfortable with it. Then again it may be something he finds exciting to think about but would never dream of doing it with you. Maybe its the thrill of it being a fantasy that turns him on not the reality.

lol well i think it would be odd to try but i am willing to try most things once! i think if i do he won't be eating any suger puffs! :D

Anyone into this at the moment????


I've got a shy bladder!!


i think i would try it if a partner was into it, but there would have to be some conditions, like doing it in the bath and banning them from eating asparagus before lol