Boy's toys

What toys do you recommend for a guy?
Looking for something handfree
Please give your experience and reasons

Flip! Can't even get a reply

Oh no, don't be put off. Sometimes the game threads can take over the first two pages making threads like this pushed back :( 

We have some guides that may be a good starting point:

Also, there are some older threads about this topic under the sex toy section that may be worth a  search :) 

And here are some of the older threads:

I found these by typing handsfree into the search bar above and selecting sex toys section. 

Do you want something realistic? If yes, a Fleshlight and this mount might be good?

If budget is not an issue try Alana. The best boys toy around!

I second AsYouWish! Alana is fab, as are the rest of the hands-free Thrust male toys

If you're looking for a hands free, realistic and your bank balance is rather healthy I'd opt for

Second choice

Or thirdly

Alana definitely comes highly recommend.

Lovehoney O Force
This is my favourite toy for both single and partner play it can be hands free if you position it right.

The o force is also on offer at the moment!

Try a butt plug can feel really nice and become adictive

The Aneros plugs are meant to be amazing for hands free prostate stim. Sleeve wise we haven't tried anything hands free but the Tenga fliphole Zero is amazing!!

Depends what sort of stimulation you're after! Penis or anal (being straight doesn't rule that out)?

Your profile says discovering bdsm. Any particular aspect your enjoy, dominating, or surrendering control?

Definitely dom

Definitely dom

Thanks for the replies gave me plenty to think about