Brand new lesbian couple to the community

We have just joined the community, been buying off love honey for some time now, didnt even know this existed!
We have been together for over 2 years now, moved in together and own horses. Whats everyone elses stories?

Just a question to what these 'wishlists' are? We have never heard of it before

Thank you
Sarah and Katie

Hi Sarah and Katie, welcome to this fabulous Lovehoney community. 💃💃 Where have you been not realising the community existed 😉

Well my story is, I've been with my hubby 10 years. Im a randy minx and my hubbys every bit as randy as me. We've always had a fantastic sexlife. These last maybe year and a half we've bought toys and bondage into our sex-life.

Wishlists are for products you plan to buy. Forum friends gift each other from time to time to time. And that's the jist of the wishlists.

I hope you ladies enjoy the forums (be warned its addictive)! 💖💃👍xxx

Hello, welcome, and have fun x

Hi ladies! Welcome to the community, and I'm jealous that you have horses ;)

I'm a(n almost) 22-year-old university student; my girlfriend and I live together in our dorm. We have a great sex life, great romantic life - everything is great and I'm crazy about her. I'm her first girl-anything, and also her first taste of bdsm sex which we enjoy at times.

I have a sex toy 'addiction' and she isn't complaining *wink wink.

Have a great time with the forums!

Lovely to hear about your life
Thank you for letting us know about the wishlists

Welcome. Relatively new here too. Hubby & I early 40s, only a year into using toys & lovehoney. Loving experimenting. Xxx

Hi and welcome to the forums.

Hi and welcome :)

Hi Sarah & Katie, and welcome to the forum. Hope you have fun :) x

Hi and welcome to the forum, nice introduction. x

Hi Sarah + Katie Welcome to the forum.

Welcome! I love a more personal introduction on here!
Married for almost ten years and madly in love still. :) Definitely shopping way more on here than I should, but enjoying it all the way!
Hope you'll stick around in the community, it truly is a special webspace!

Hello and welcome :) I've been with my man for 3 years now. We have a beautiful little boy but live separately now. I had a 2 year break from Lovehoney and only started using it again last November. I've spent an obscene amount since then though and it was worth every penny ;) x

hi and welcome :D love your profile pic, so cute!

Hi to both of you, Welcome to the forums!

Hi and welcome to the forums xx

Afternoon Sarah & Katie, welcome to the forums!
Wishlists are just like a 'save for later', but you can set them to Public so anyone can see what you're hoping to buy (that's where the gifting between members comes in - if you gift someone something from their wishlist, the only information they receive is your screen name I believe, and their personal details remain anonymous), or you can set them to private so nobody sees how kinky you both are 😋

Hello n Welcome Sarah+Katie, Enjoy your time here @ the Forum ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

Hello and welcome! :)

Helloooo to the both of you ^_^ And welcome to the forums.

Wishlists are an optional thing, if you want to get into the sex toy testing you'll have to make a public one where to add in items from the tester list and keep it updated ^_^ You can make oher wishlists that can be public or private, sometimes other users may buy something from your list for you or you can use it to bookmark items you'd like and later on buy or as a reminder that it's something you'd like to try out, saves you from bookmarking on your browser or losing it ^_^

I hope you two have a great time here, everyone is very friendly and there's always something to talk about x