brest lift?


my OH thinks her boobes are saggy and wants to get them lifted , she says the kids ate them ! -me I love them and tell her so- but if it would make her happy --then why not, but I have no idea of what this entails or cost- any one have any views or experience of this ? Batch

not a good start spelling breast wrong in the title - bugger-

I didn't have a lift, but I got my enlargement through MYA and would recommend them - they'll do a free consultation and they're very honest about what you can expect, I was told straight up that I couldn't go as big as I wanted to (maybe next time :P) and when I met the surgeon he also told me that I would have some asymettry because of my shape - they don't try to pretend it's any better than it is and I was VERY happy with the result. The work is guaranteed for 3 years so they'll fix anything that needs fixing in that time. Until you've actually booked your surgery there's no costs and no obligation so it's pretty awesome.

My boob job cost £3750 including transport down the the hospital (would have been £3450 without the travel package), I think they quoted me £4700 for enhancement plus lift but I don't know what just the lift would cost, I'm assuming a fair bit less!


I second that she should considering the scars it would leave her with. I never had plastic surgery done (I have 1 breast lower and larger than the other so I know how it feels to have some issue with them , but I dont consider any operation to change it), but I did have a breast surgery done last year, because I found a lump in my breast and it had to go out (luckily it turned out to be a cyst only). So I have a scar on my breast and I have to admit I am still painfully aware of it. She needs to be really sure its what she wants.

bit more research has reveled, they cut the nipple off and re site it higher up - ouch! and yes lots of scaring so perhaps an enlargement would be a better way to go , thanks for all the replies and the costing is about what I had in mind, not that its an issue Batch

They cut the nipple off?! Erh?! I would be worried about lost of sensitivity! I would not go for that. Sounds terrible.