Brits have lower sex drive?..

A recent sex survey of British couples found that their sex drive has fallen and they are having less sex than ten years ago when the survey was last done. (Reported yesterday on the BBC News website)

i think that if the survey was conducted with the LH community the result would be the opposite. What do others think.

I wouldn’t believe anything the BBC say.

I read about that survey.

Maybe we are all too depressed about Brexit, one way or the other! I keep a keen eye on politics - society is changing. That might be part of it - people feeling unsettled.

I'd say put the newspapers down and light the massage candles once in a while! Something we can all enjoy.

I'm sure just interviewing LH members would give a different result! Not sure how representative we are of the general population, but at least there are some of us out there :-)

Stress and money worries often have a big effect on libido, and there are a lot more of those around since "austerity" happened. If you're struggling to survive on a daily basis, it is no surprise if your sex life takes a hit.

Personally, mine is much better than ten years ago, but that has everything to do with finding the right man for me.

I read the report too and it made me smile. I have no idea where these reports come from but I wonder where they got their responses from. I am in my 30s now and having more regular sex than when I was in my late teens (over 18) early 20s.

What bollox lol