Broke up with my boyfriend - new toy

I was with my last boyfriend for 3 months the first month was great but the last two have been awful. He became so toxic and neglectful. It got to a point where he was basically just using me for sex. He would only talk to me and be a gentlemanly towards me when he wanted sex and then when he would get it, he wouldn’t want to talk again and he would act as if I was committing a crime just because I wanted to talk to and spend time with my boyfriend. I got so fed up and ended it and he played the victim.

I honestly just want to take a long break from men, to be honest. Not forever but for a while. So I am going to be treating myself to a new toy. Yes I do have a collection of toys but I fancy treating myself and I’m doing good financially right now.

I really want to get this toy:

I don’t know if I want to get the multicoloured one or get a flesh toned one for once since I don’t have any flesh toned ones. With it being on the more expensive side, I don’t want to make a mistake. I’ve heard this is the toy that feels the closest to an actual penis so I’m excited to see if that’s true.

Any other recommendations are welcomed, too.


Sorry to hear about your breakup, it does sound like you deserve a treat.

I actually this in both the flesh colour and the multi-coloured and it’s probably my most use toy along with my bullet. You probably know it’s the same mould (spelling?!) so really which you get is down to personal preference, I got the coloured one first but probably use the flesh coloured one most now, no real reason why though. Whichever you decide on I’m sure you won’t regret it

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Hi, sorry to hear about your breakup but it sounds like he does not deserve you. Not all men are like that and I hope you find a good one. Good luck

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Sorry you’ve had a few shite months and I hope you’re feeling ok…I like the look of the coloured one mainly because its not man coloured! Thats an expensive toy mind! And from the reviews the suction cup lets it down, as long as you’re not wanting to use it in that way I would say treat yourself if you can as people seem to love it!

I don’t really care about suction cups anyway and the price is fine since I’m treating myself haha @JoCat


Awesome! Have you decided on the colour?

Sorry about the breakup. That’s pricey but multi coloured looks good. Hope you enjoy and feel better soon

Get all the toys you crave. Have a break but remember you just met a knob. Have some fun and choose slower next time. Suss him out

I don’t own it in any colour but it does have a great reputation. I doubt you’ll regret it and it’ll always be there for you. I look forward to hearing how good it is.

I would get the rainbow coloured one but only because I like my toys to feel real but not look it. Just personal preference.


Sounds like you had a lucky escape, and as other members have said, not all men are like that.
Can’t help with the toy, but sending you my best wishes, your prince will come eventually! :slightly_smiling_face:

As a Man I don’t blame you for taking a break ha ha.

As for the toy, i’d love to help but can’t as I don’t have the bits required, well I have a bit but not tried it :wink:

Men can be arseholes in all, I will say this though, we are are not all of the same cloth. But we Men can be arse holes :slight_smile:

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Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with what can only be described as a total loser. Great idea to take a break in order focus on yourself and life without a man.
I can only apologise on behalf of my gender, we are not all complete losers but there are quite a few utter toolbags out there who only think with their “tool”.
Good luck on the toy front, enjoy it to the fullest and if you ever need a chat or to get something off your chest the forum is here to support and help.

All the best CF x

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Huge hugs I hope things improve very soon ! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

My wife absolutely loves the fifty shades of grey rabbit

Sorry to hear your going through a rough patch. If He cant treat you with respect then he definitely didn’t deserve you. :hugs:

Ive heard loads of really good things about this dildo for g-spotting. Dont own one though but have a spoof in a similar shape that is one of my favourites.
If you decide you wanted a suction cup anyway, you can get double sided suction cups. They work really well.
I have a different vixskin dildo in their caramel colour (i think LH refer to it as flesh tan?) and its a really nice shade. Very natural looking. And the material feels amazing once lubed.

Vixskin are a bit sensitive to lubes so its a good idea to spot test them before using a hybrid lube with them. Not all of them work.
I err on the side of caution and use waterbased lube with mine,

Spell checker here , WillC , you miss spelled Cum . I have no idea what makes that one worth that kind of money , but here is one of my favorites . Truth be told I love it staring in my home porn videos .
As everybody else has said , you will find a nice cock with a gentleman attached .

It sounds a good idea to simply enjoy yourself without any hassle. :heartbeat:

Sorry to hear of your breakup, it does sound like it stopped being one a fair while back and just became more like casual hookup type scenario?

Defo calls for a new toy treat and what a nice choice you’ve selected too!
Maybe go for the flesh colour style if it’s something you’ve not had as yet :slightly_smiling_face:

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@AJSTAR We explicitly both said we wanted a relationship with each other and we didn’t agree on it just being a hookup scenario. He can’t just decide it’s only a fwb type of thing without speaking to me first so I consider us to have been in the relationship for 3 months.


@JoCat I kind of want to go with the lightest flesh colour for a change since all my dildos are non natural colours and some are fantasy. I kind of want to try something different. I also really like the flesh colours on this dildo rather than the multicoloured one.