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Tease us set

Hi. Would love to try the Tease Us set please

I’d love to try any of the following:
Tease Us Set (Moxie+ & Moxie+)
Anniversary Collection 2
The ForePlay Collection
The Better Together Collection

Tease us set (Moxie+ & Moxie+)

Hi Brenna! Id love to try the “tease us set” if still available. Thanks!:heartpulse:

would love to test the tease us set!
would be perfect for my long distance relationship :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi Brenna,

I’d love to try out the Items are:

Tease Us Set (Moxie+ & Moxie+)


[Tease Us Set (Moxie+ & Moxie+)id love to try!

Would love to test out and review the [Tease Us Set (Moxie+ & Moxie+)

I’d love to try the tease us set. My partner has been desperate to find an app controlled vibrator that can be worn discreetly and controlled remotely. I hope the battery lasts all day…

Would love to test the

Tease Us Set (Moxie+ & Moxie+)

Would love to test the Tease Us Set

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Me and my partner would love to test and review: Tease Us Set (Moxie+ & Moxie+)

Thank you for your consideration.
Kind regards,
Miss K M C

Morning Brenna, we’d happily review the [Tease Us Set (Moxie+ & Moxie+]

Wluld love to tryb
Tease Us Set (Moxie+ & Moxie+)

We will definitely test and review these for you.

Tease Us Set (Moxie+ & Moxie+)

Hi, I would like to test these for you:

The tease us set would be great to try.

Hi Brenna !

Would love to test this item :
Tease Us Set (Moxie+ & Moxie+)

Deadline no issue, and big thanks to you :slight_smile:

Would love to test, in order:

tease us set
anniversary collection
better together collection
ultra pleasure

Could be great fun for me and the wife/sub

Happy to test this out if you still need.