Busy lives gets in the way

Hi how do people keep up regular active sex when we all lead busy lives.i work shifts and am knackered most of the time my wife is also tired working and looking after the house,we have a daughter who is seven so is home all the time,whenever I suggest sexy undies I get what if our daughter was to see us.it really is frustrating,what's the secret?

Don't think there is a secret other than making sure you both put the effort into it. You only get out what you put in.
I'm in a similar position with two kids and work long hours, our sex life has suffered in the past and hurt our relationship but then we realised how important it was to make time for each other. No quick fix I'm afraid, just a desire to maintain a good relationship.

We have a great relationship and love each other very much,just wish we could find more time and wish my wife wouldn't get hung up on things.