But Plug Newbie Query

So, I finally got round to getting a butt plug, and figured I ought to start easy so I got this.


Getting it in was fine, but I couldn't keep it in. It kept slipping out.

As strange as it sounds, I can't work out if it kept slipping out because it was too big to fit in, or if it was too small.

It seemed to be fully in, the exterior part was as close as it would go, but I'm not sure if the narrow part was narrow enough to allow me to "grip". Does that make sense?

Being as it's got loads of great reviews I'm sure there's nothing wrong with it and maybe it's just a case of it not quite fitting my body.

It was something I'd been looking forward to trying for a long time, and being as my wife hates all thing anal (just not her thing) I was nervous about broaching the subject about using it during sex with her but she was surprising accepting of letting me. Hence it was quite a dissapointment when it didn't have the desired effect!

Any suggestions? Is it just a case of trying a different shape?

Beginner plugs are by nature slim, essentially the neck to head ratio is too small, you need a bigger head and slim neck, try either the LH or Doc Johnson classic medium pretty much say they'll be fine and yes will fit.

This is a good design I terms of shape https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=40365

I think that the one you have chosen is essentially too small to stay in.

I would suggest a medium sized plug with a circumference of around 4 inch.

Metal plugs tend to have a much narrower stem than silicone or glass so they stay in place better.