Butt play ♥

So.. Not long ago I started experimenting with my OH with anal play, had a thread here about it already last week and the members on here were very helpfull.

We werent too keen on butt plugs or anything to do with that but I decided to give it a go and Oh my! I didnt think it would feel so good with butt plugs and beads. I bought some sets and seperate things, today I have ordered the deal of the day glass set anal toy and excited to try it when it comes to me :D

My favourite so far are the adrien lastic beads.


Whats your favourite toy?

Also, I think lovehoney is a little addictive!! Been ordering things every week now!

I really do like this toy: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=32085

It's been my first anal toy and the size is just perfect for gradual exploration without being too big for biginners.

Yey Mamz I ordered that one in the sale, hopefully it will be great!

My favourite anal toy is the Tracy Cox Anal Beads, silky to the touch and feels great :)

Ahh! The Tracey Cox black beads? I ordered them today! Needed some more money to get free postage so I thought why not ;) are they good?

Do you mean the prober? (the only tracey cox beads I see are pink). I received it free on an offer and was curious so I tried them and I liked it so much that it made me buy two butt plugs. It was my first anal toy and it gave me a strong anal orgasm on the first time. so.. yess ;)

Yes the prober looks pretty good! I was going to order the pink one but they looked a little bit long!
Im actually scared what will be on offer in the next few days incase I buy something again.. Haha
Im excited for the ones I bought today. Will be giving review straight away!

I am in process of writing mine (I want to give it a try on every possible situation before finishing it), sorry I could help with a review. If you are new to anal like me it may take longer to write yourss as it may take some time to be able to fit all the beads, (I did on the first time without even expecting it though)

I've reviewed the black beaded anal prober...its lovely !

My favourite toy....hmmm...I have quite a few for different uses.

Favourite plugs are these two.....



These I use for wearing while out and about...they feel great if my doxy wand is held against them while they're inside me. The glass one is also amazing if used straight from the fridge (I have a huge collection of butt plugs)

This is my favourite to wear during sex....


And this is my favourite anal toy if I'm playing alone.....,


This is also great and is probably the most versatile of my anal toys.....as it gets used vaginally quite a bit too x


Well, since I started in anal play I used two toys, butt plug that I wasnt able to fit in all (its the medium black) and the pink beads that I wrote in my first comment, the beads were easy to fit it after a bit of playing around and they felt amazing.
The butt plug I managed just juust at the end but I stopped and decided to wait. So I might try it again with playing before it.
Like I said I never though anal play might feel any close to this. I was always a little bit skeptic about anything to do with butt and so was my OH. It started with him playing with me and placing his finger on my butt hole because he couldnt place it 'anywhere else' and now I absolutely love it. So I think ill be coming back for more butt plugs and beads 💕

They look great Terri JJ! I might look into them soon. How does wearing butt plug feel out and about? I only wore the beads around the bathroom.

Also, Terii JJ, do you put the glass plugs in the fridge yeah? How does that feel? Does it feel any different, nicer? I might try that with mine!

A butt plug feels lovely if worn out and about but you need to make sure you get one that fits you properly and is comfy. You do need to be able to sit down without it digging and you dont want it making an unscheduled appearance ! Lol

A bulbous one with a thin neck is best for staying put...the tapered ones, whilst easier to insert dont stay in as well. You also need to remember to take it out and relube it every couple of hours or so.

I think its the naughty feeling that adds to the pleasure.....the fact that its there but no one else knows ;)

I quite often put any glass toy that I'm intendind to play with in the fridge first....the coldness when its inserted feels amazing. If you want to use one for a reasonable amount of time (during sex or playing alone) then you can keep a bowl ,of cold water with ice cubes in beside you and pop it in there every so often to keep it cold as obviously it starts to warm up when its inside you x

Ohmy that would be so embarrassing! Haha if I get the chance tonight to try the black one ive got again ill see how it feels inside and decide if it can slip out accidentally or not!
I think the thought of having it in around people, but they don't know, would put me on the edge as soon as!

What do you think of wearing beads in? Would they be easier?

Beads out and about ? Maybe but they dont give me the full stretched feeling that I love...also there is nothing to stop them sliding out !! Lol A properly fitting butt plug isnt going anywhere unless you give it a good tug x

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Stick with your medium butt plug too, it won't be long before it fits and feels really nice,