Butt plug tips and advise please

Me and the OH are both keen on trying new things, anal is up there at the moment and hopefully we will get to the pegging stage as we've already bought a strap on. We've bought a beginner butt plug, and had it up her. I'm liking the thought of it up myself while I masturbate but once up do you just leave up or is it best to keep pulling n pushing it in and out like what would happen in real anal intercourse. Tips please as new to this. Thanks

Thanks for the tip Alicia, that's a nice thing to imagine first thing in the morning :) As for the butt plugs, they are mostly designed to stay in place so in and out might be awkward maybe. You need a dildo if you find out you like the in out action :)

Thanks for the replies I'll use the butt plug 1st and get used to that being up there and use my prostate massager for a while then hopefully my OH will use the strap on we have

Make sure your anal hygiene and cleanliness is top notch. A good douching and hour or two before play is pretty much essential. Nothing like the smell of 'you know what' to kill the mood.

The deal of the day today has 2 glass dildos. The clear one is good for anal. Being Glass they are non poures so you can both use them once they have been cleaned. I loved the glassdildo. My h used both st the same time and I have my first double penetration. God I wanna wake him up now 😁😂