Butt plugs; extra pointy, little pointy or round?

I've recently bought one of the vibrating butt plugs,but its a little too pointy in my opinion, it gets uncomfrtale when its all the way in; though it does help with insertion, I prefer slightly pointed butt plugs of all.

What about you; share with me what you prefer and why. :3

I don't mind the pointed ones, my favourite is probably the slightly pointed ones like you. It's the really round ones that I don't like, I find them more uncomfortable to insert. A point helps it go in easier.

I prefer pointy, longer butt plugs. With a narrow neck. Because I enjoy DP, if it doesn't have a narrow neck it just slides out of me as soon as I put a toy in my foofah 😫

I do do also have a glass bulbous plug, 5.5" around, almost a little too girthy but because it's glass it offers better sensations than a lighter rubber plug. I use this when I'm in the bath and just fancy playing etc, but for action I'll use the rubber narrow neck plug.

I like the pointy ones too. Easier to insert & glass is great!

Try this one its a good all rounder


as they get bigger they get less pointy too

I love this one if having dp. It feels lovely and my oh loves the way he can feel the vibrations through me.


This my favourite if playing solo....so filling and the vibrations are great.


This is my favourite for wearing on a day to day basis. Its big enough round to make me feel reasonably full but not over long and it has a really lovely thin neck so its not going to make an unscheduled appearance !


Also love this one. I often wear it during sex as its so pretty and just about the right size for dp...anything larger and I struggle to take it and my oh together. Love the free roaming little ball in this too....especially when I'm being spanked x