Butt plugs - how long to use them for

Hi, new to this.

Bought my first toys for me and the girlfriend during the week from here. 2 slimline butt plugs (the purple ones. One for her and one for me) and also the perfect partner vibrating strapon.

I’m wondering how long I should use the plug for before moving up a size? Any advice would be great thanks.

My advice is to do what feels comfortable, you don't want to push that part of the body too far too fast.

We both take different sizes and lengths. Have fun, take it at your pace and don't pressure yourself, if it's more than you can handle, it's no fun ☺

We both meaning me and my partner, sorry I wasn't clear on that.

Thanks for getting back to me, another question here.
I’ve had the plug in twice, first time it was in for an hour and a half, and the 2nd time was 2 hours. No pain anymore, but the plug did work itself out on me.

Would it be safe to assume that I’m used to this plug and try a bigger one or maybe one that isn’t a slimline one?

I would say so, but no harm in wearing it more until you get something larger. Go up in size in small increments. I tried a large jump and couldn't get it in. After a couple of intermediate sizes, I did, and now I wear can wear larger still.

If your plug tends to work its way out try using a slighty more bulbous one with a thin neck. Whilst these can be slightly more difficult to insert they stay put brilliantly. xx

Play with your Butt Plugs until you feel ready to move up a size. Don't rush it or it can hurt, believe me, I know from experience. I am working my way towards being pegged by my wife but I am not quite there yet. I am still at the Butt Plug stage but this is still fun, however I have purchaced my first Strap On for my wife to take my anal virginity when the time is right. Enjoy lots of play exploring the wonderful world of anal fun BUTT don't forget. LUBE LUBE LUBE !!!!

This is a very good medium choice; https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=30703

buy it, then play with it, you WILL slowly work up to the size just take it slowly and listen to you bum, if it says stop, stop.

This SHAPE is very good at staying in place especially for her if she's wearing it whilst having sex; https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=26278