Butt Plugs

Over the last couple of years I've really got into using butt plugs during sex and while wanking. My wife finds it really erotic and a definite turn on. there seemsto be a general feeling that butt play for a man is a no no. Are there any other liberated men out there?

Erm, yep, I've met plenty of em! I think many men are embarassed to admit they find this area of the body erotic, but with a little encouragement from a willing partner they soon lose their inhibitions...

I have to say that I wouldn't know where to start. I've never had anything up my arse (that I know of!) and am a bit nervous about it. I have to admit to having a fascination with it - am curious to know what it feels like - but have never plucked up the courage to have a go, even on my own. Maybe I should load up on the poppers and just go for it!

give it a go! you won't regret it. just start with something small and a good lube. you'll soon move on to bigger things.

my partner wanted to try it we gave it a go but it hurt to much so we give up but now im to scared to try again

Its definitely worth a try. Lube is important, and learning to relax. My wife spent 5 years saying "dont even suggest it" but now she does and last week came 5 times in one anal session. I have tried it and it works, big time... It might not be for everyone, but ask yourself "if I dont give it a try how will i know for sure?"

[quote]"if I dont give it a try how will i know for sure?"[/quote]
and that my man is precisely the thinking behind(snigger) me and my Girlfriend drunkenly purchasing a strap on at two in the morning from this very site, best smashed buy ever!

i recommend this for any person that is thinking about starting to do anal, it fits great, but u do outgrow it quickly, but its a fiver, at least u will no if u like it or not!

It's probably mostly a no no because most men are so sexually insecure or affraid that they would be "gay" or be doing gay activities. Guess it's partly because the word gay are used as an insult. I'm curious but haven't tried, if I'd do I guess it would be better to use something made for the purpose, such as the aneros. But I haven't bought it since I would feel weird, but still if I meet a girl and we discussed anal sex and she told me that then I would have to accept it myself or whatever I would probably atleast try.. But then it wasn't not all my fault, was it? I kind of was forced ;D (yeah right ...)

Why miss out on something which may be nice? Same with the fleshlights and such. Just stupid to not do it if it may feel great =P

Its a thing i would love to try,In my early teens i watched a better sex guide video and it showed how you can pleasure yourself with a finger up your ass,i did try it more than once and i have to say it was weird but very nice

Im one who doesn't mind saying yea i would like to give it a go,i really dont know why most men would think its got anything to do with being gay

At the end of the day if you like something and you are not hurting anyone by doing it,then do it its for your pleasure

At the moment i dont think my g/f would buy me a butt plug but in the near future we just may have more fun.. i was going to buy one just for when im alone,but i think i would rather do this with my g/f than do this by myself