Buttplug help?!!!

I need some advice from you lovely people. My fella really loves anal play and his enthusiasm is working on me :) i like butt plugs and have a few, the soft silicone type and some harder more plasticy ones. We use them as part of play to get me ready for the main event ... so lots of lube and i don.t keep them in for that long... but i do love the feeling and i.ve been looking at some pretty ones with jewels on and made of shiny stuff on the web site....and it got me thinking... would it be possible (and sexy and safe) to 'wear' one out and about? Was thinking bout meeting said fella for a drink and wearing it while out (letting him know it was happening of course) and coming home a little while later all worked up and ready for action...
I do this with kegal balls in my vagina sometimes and a remote controlled egg... or just wearing sexy underwear... love that build up... think fella will enjoy too...
But a little worried about practicallities... would it cause irritation ... and would i be able to move around ok without it falling out????!!! This is no problem with my light squishy butt plugs... but i want one of those pretty ones and they would be quite a bit heavier i imaginine, and less forgiving of the bottom....
Thank you in advance for your help!!!

You can wear them out and about, I do occasionally. Just make sure it's a suitable size for your experience level and carry some extra lubricant (sample pack or small bottle) around with you in case you need to top up later in the day. I'd say that it would only irritate if you're not used to wearing a plug for that amount of time so do a few practice tests around the house before trying it out. Other than that - enjoy! The extra weight feels glorious.

As natandtom said it's best to do a few practice runs first. So maybe after work one night just pop one in and go about your normal chores. As long as it's large enough and heavy enough to stay put then you should be absolutely fine, we he found that wearing tight undies can also help keep everything in place. Just ensure you have a bit of lube with you and something to hold the plug if you need to take it out.
The jewel plugs are great and look really nice, I feel the weight is perfect as most of these are steel and really do stay in place. One tip we have found is to be generous with lube when puttting the plug in but once your comfy and it's in place to wipe away the excess with some tissue as this can help secure the plug for longer.

I often wear a butt plug for 24 hours. This means I go shopping, out to lunch, get my nails done, walk the dog etc with it in situ.

It's important to make sure that the plug fits properly.....you don't want any unscheduled appearances ! I find a fairly bulbous plug with a thin neck and a good size flat base is ideal and very comfy xx

Thank you, that.s all very helpful :) i think i will have a go... any recommendations as to which one to get... the metal ones are quite expensive, but they do look nice....

I like this one, it's comfy, the base doesn't dig into my bum cheeks and is comfy to wear for quite a while. It's medium sized, not sure if it would be a bit big but worth a look! It has a jiggle ball inside too which adds weight to the plug.


I asked the same question recently. See the post "All day butt plug recommendations" for the helpful replies.

I love wearing it alll day as well and often go out with it in.

great recommendation sexybabe, i will be looking into that one ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

I recommend the Marc Dorcel Geisha ball crystal plug. This is a great shape for staying put well. It's very comfy and the free roaming ball inside it feels amazing as you move around. It comes in medium and large......I'd try the medium to begin with. I love my large one.....it's one of my favourite plugs xx