Bye bye Cazz!

Good morning you lovely bunch!

Today is my last day at Lovehoney...... 
but only until May 11th, as I am off on holiday. Phew!
I will be leaving you in the capable hands of our lovely Jess. 
So please all, be on your best behaviour! I hope there is no trouble here whilst I am away.
*Passes sparkly magic wand over to Jess*
- Jess will be playing Sex Toy Fairy whilst I am away, so no need for you all to panic and fret about how you will get your free sex toy fix and what you will review for the next 2 weeks!
![](upload://b2l1Z3CxQxwbty9JqCzd4UlqwQS.jpeg)ciao, for now! xx

laters Cazz

Have an amazing holiday Cazz, you deserve a break!

Safe journey, look forward to having you back :)

Hey you scared me there! :D

Have a fantastic well deserved holiday! x

Enjoy your well-deserved holiday!

I thought you were about to say you're leaving for good....heart pulpitations much!!

Have a good holiday Cazz!! :)


Bye Bye Cazz,

Enjoy yourself


Have a great holiday! xx

Enjoy and relax.

Don't scare us like that! I was like NOOO!

Have a brilliant holiday Cazz! x

Have a nice holiday Cazz.

Have fun Jess!

Have a good one..and if you are going away with your man...make sure you have plenty of lube and sexy outfits😊😀😉

Awww we'll miss you ![](upload://ceipqBTR0sMGMajGRWRbxCi6nYV.gif) *sobs* ![](upload://ceipqBTR0sMGMajGRWRbxCi6nYV.gif)

Have a fantastic holiday, relax and enjoy. Take care xx

Hope you have a great time, the themed avatar is adorable! :D

Hope you have a good holiday and look forward to hearing how it was when you come back.

I must admit though when I first saw this i was like NOOOOOO!!!!!! as I thought it was going to be sad news hearing you leaving. You do know how to get our attention don't you lol :).

You almost had me there! I went in to mini panic mode! Thought you were leaving for good. But I guess we have to let you have a break, it's well deserved after all.

Enjoy, have fun and take care.

Oh and don't miss us too much :)

I read the first line and nearly choked on my cereal - you are not allowed to scare me like that - LOL. Hope you have a FANTASTIC holiday Cazz! ![](upload://l9s9e23YKLHpoOzgGVeUkhZGcEr.gif) xx

Bye for now, Cazz! Have a great holiday and enjoy your break :) x

Have a fantastic time! x

hehe, I love to be mischievous ![devil|20x20](upload://rA41UoqYzU9yrgGiJUyzuRc98GV.gif "devil")