calling all swingers...

My fiance and I are soft swingers, but now we want to be full swingers. We have rules which we stick to, although I don't want him to lick another woman or be sucked by another woman (I feel this is a bit personal, and should be kept between couples), but my fiance disagrees. I just want to know what you think... I mean sex is fine, because he must use a condom so there is no full contact... I don't know I just need help... and maybe tips from more experienced swingers...


We are also soft swingers. I allow my wife to be sucked and have also sucked the woman.... I'll leave it up to my wife to suck whoever she wants, but she has'nt done so. she likes to watch me having sex while she plays with herself.

me and my partner are full swingers and we have a set of rules that we always abide by, the way we see it is as long as its fun and thats what swinging is u can do as much or as little as u want, if u have certain things that u dont feel comfortable doing with other people then dont do it, me and my partner dont do anal with other couples as we said u have to keep something personal to u, there is no point doing everything u like sexually with others as in a way it takes the excitement out of doing it with ur partner, but saying that if u feel and agree between ur partner that u want to do everything then do it, please dont let what i have said put anyone off ok, swinging should always be fun and enjoy it, when u start to not enjoy it then its time to either not do it anymore or look for a different swinging couple etc....Lucylou

We started by going to a club; first time we just got used to having sex in the same playroom and jacuzzi as other couples, the next time we did some soft swinging, and after several visits did a swap for full sex; it just seemed the right moment. Now we are comfortable about most things, including same-sex swaps in front of eachother, pairing off with others in separate rooms, having couples around to our home, whatever. Just do what you feel comfortable with, and take it slowly; earlier on in our swinging she got cross the first time he gave another woman oral, and he stopped - the next visit we were both giving and receiving oral from others. Don't rush things, or it won't be fun for you both and that isn't a recipe for good swinging.

Guilt or the perception, a terrible thing eh babes.