Calling iPhone owners...

...and owners of any phone capable of web browsing!

LoveHoney has a brand new mobile version, and we'd love you to have a look and give us your feedback!

Type in to your phone's web browser to have a peek. (No www)

Do let me know your thoughts, or (heaven forbid) if there are any bugs or problems. (Please let us know what phone you are on). The store, accounts, wishlists etc should all be working. Forums have not been reformatted yet though - coming in version 2!


The Prof

Hey Prof - I tried it on my IPod Touch and it says that the server cannot be found using Safari! Is it going to be available for IPTs too?

"Server cannot be found" sounds more like a local network issue than a website issue. Can you connect to other sites on your iPod touch?

Works wonderfully, quick to load and easy to read on LG Secret (KF750). ;)

Not so well on a Nokia E61i using the phones default web browser.

When the little hand is over whatever product so you can click on it or try and read reviews the entire text area turns blue and you can't read anything. Fine when the cursor is not on the box to select. You can click on the link and go to the right page and then things are fine, just the initial selection of products (only looked at the 'Sales' page).

Works fine on the Blackberry with its default browser.

Just checked. Works well on my iphone. Safari took me straight there

works fine on my iPhone by the looks of things =)

my LG kC550 can connect fine.

the layout is nice as well

Not that ive bookmarked it or anything... noooo...

the mr (registered on here as fiestymage now lol) was just like "what, for when you absolutely have to buy sex toys on the go?!" hah.. my answer "yes." :)

i dont have an iphone...

but could access the internet via mobile... but dont.

so what does that make me ??

There isnt a link for deal of the day is there?

That would be pretty useful for mobile browsing.

LoveHoney - The Doc wrote:

Hi JayGee. We've not turned on any phone or browser detection at the moment (you can actually view the mobile site in your regular browser on your computer). Can you get the regular LH site on your Touch?

Yes I can get the regular site fine on the Touch, and plenty of other sites , so I don't think it's network as Lubyanka suggested. It's no big shakes - it just would have ben nice to access a more readable site, with my eyes. I think I am too old to have an iPod of any description - I have spent a large chunk of today loading it up with my crappy musicExternal Media. But thanks anyhow Doc

Works ok on my Nokia E71 - but I prefer to look at the net on my home wireless

Works well on my iphone but can I just say, I much prefer the normal version. I think it depends what phone you have and speed of connection, but the whole point of the iphone is that you get the internet, not the pared down internet. I really hate it when sites like facebook take you immediately to the mobile site not the full site regardless of you going to the full site and then you have to click to get the full site. On fb you lose groups and events on the mobile site which is really annoying! So I would suggest giving people the option of going to the mobile or full site if possible which should keep everyone happy!

I should say I've bought a lot using regular sites on my iphone when my computer broke. I also used the forums here a long on the iphone.

I just loaded it great on kvetch's iPod Touch. Looks good, loads fast, nice economical page layout. JayGee, are you sure you had the correct URL? Like, did you put in .com instead of ?

oops I used and it worked, didn't even pick up on that!

scratch that, it's suppsed to be, I is being une moron tonight!

You are the darlingest moron this side of moronosity. So there. Hug. :)

Ha ha thanks! Just need to grow a brain now...

Here, have some of mine, I got plenty ... ooooh, lookie, toes! Toes are so cool.

Wait, where was I?