cam site

hi all

i noticed on one forum earlier someone asked about if there was any good cam sites for couples or people who like to view live cams and a few of who all answered but i can no longer see it

so i thought i re ask the question if any of you know of any good sites to watch cams on prefer one with no reg details etc

The thread was probably deleted because posting things like that are discouraged here.

stickcam comes to mind or blogtv. I would just prefer skype where it could just be between 2 people without the risk of others eavesdropping.

ok thanks and sorry if i posted the wrong thing here explains why i can no longer find it

I can't help you, but I don't think you've broken any rules karen68, I know the thread you're talking about and I can't find it either, but if it has been deleted I imagine it's to free up server space rather than anything else.

Hope someone can help you find what you're looking for

Hi karen68, im compltely new to this site and just stumbled across your thread as i too was looking for cam sites. Im a 25year old straight male but i love being on cam and people watching me, anyone, even with guys. if you find what your looking for please be sure to let me know as it sounds like the kind of thing i too am after ;) has lots of cams

Not sure if its allowed or not ( i did double check the rules, apologies in advance if it is!).

There are two i know of, the first as previously mentioned is Chaturbate and the second Cam4. They have a varity of people using them but be aware they are token fueled and you dont have to register to view only if you wish to broadcast yourself.

Personally i always use Cam4 as i find Chaturbate a bit more spammy but thats just my personal preference.

I would say that most porn sites, seem to have a 'Cam' option now.. xhampster or redtube comes to mind, but they are all 'Pay to view' generally, or private shows for cash etc.... They are a business. What I don't know of is any sites for 'Amateurs & Friends - Couples Only' etc... as in a Festish or Swingers Private Club would have, with checks on people and identification, and guarentees... If anyone knows of one, please leave the details here.

We share skype, vids and pics with 2 other couples privately, so I know we would be interested to hear of anything.. or anyone who wants to open a business providing the above.