So, I'm not sure if this skirts on the forums rules for talking about illegal content or not (feel free to let me know moderators if it's against the rules), but recently I've been dabbling in trying to make a little bit of extra money on the side with some camming and such (I also have a huge thing for exhibitionism so it's also some fun for me on the side). The only issue I'm having is that I really have no idea what I'm actually doing. At the moment I've limited myself to just paypal and ko-fi and trying to promote on some sites, but I haven't got much of an idea on the best way to get attention, following and get more money out of it. Anybody with any experience have any advice?

Sounds fun! I'm afraid I don't have any advice but I would be interested in hearing what others have to say as I think I might like to try this too.

With camming your best social media tool os Twitter.

This way you can let people know when you will be online and give teasers to what kind of show you will be putting on. 

Also, don't show too much in the 'free areas'. Get tips to show more, work up from minimal show to whatever level you are happy to do/show. 

When I was camming I used the British accent to my advantage and was camming at peak US times. This way I only had to chat to get tips up and I was lucky enough to get a fan that liked shows... I had tons of quirky shoes/heels. 

This is only from my experience on a site I worked with. Others may have more up to date ideas on this as this was many years ago.

Good luck with the venture though! 

Very useful advice Leanne! I wasn't so sure on the whole how much to show off for free, how much to need tips for. I've tried setting up some stuff tonight so I'll see how it goes. If anyone else has any advice it would be greatly appreciated, especially for males given there seems to be a lot less.

Take a look at sites like Chaturbate where you can view without logging in then create a free account before becoming verified and earning money. Watching other performers will also give you an idea on how to get followers and what to show and do for money etc.

Twitter is a great way of advertising as it allows more mature content than other social media site.

Never tell any personal details, wear a mask (can be seen as sexy and mysterious) if do not want to be recognised and watch what u have in the background ie family pics etc. If you dont like what is happening stop. If you get popular get a mod who you trust.

Enjoy yourself and stop if you dont

Thank you! I've fortunately had the sense to clean away anything even remotely personal from the line of sight, although I've mostly just been going face off cam than using any kind of mask. WIll have to look in to that. Are there particular kinds that are good?