can anyone recommend a good adult magazine ?

I'm making a sex hamper for mine and DHs anniversary and wanted to include a dirty magazine , can anyone recommend any please ?

Any clue as to what genre of dirty mag you want?


Big boobs?

Real women?

Readers Wives?

etc etc

straight otherwise not really fussed as long as it has something to read aswell as the pictures lol

It's been a while since I perused the top shelf, but to my recollection they're all much of a muchness. Although I used to enjoy men only in particular

i thought so , I just thought it would make a change from porn on the net .

If its for the articles, Playboy, at one end of the scale then descending all the way to '18' or 'razzle'. Again it all comes down to personal taste and access to a good priavtely owned newsagent as most top shelf magazines are no longer available on the highstreet.

They still make dirty magazines?

Im racking my brains trying to think of the name of a exellent magazine I use to buy years ago. Believe it was only mail order thou may have been in the shops, it was a pocket sized glossy mag which had all the latest news in the sex world, toy reviews etc at the start. In the middle were loads of pages of erotic fiction and at end were contacts. The mag was very cheap about £15 for 6 issues I think. Any ideas?