Can I change the delivery date to another day

I used the pick a day which I chose for a Thurs but it turns out I'm not in on that day is there a way I could pick it up from the post office or change the delivery day instead?

Try live chat, they're seriously helpful and really lovely

If it's been dispatched then no, I'd say not. But if you're not in they'll take it back to the sorting office anyway as they need a signature for guaranteed delivery, so you'll end up getting the pick up from Post Office option :)


As long as the order has not been printed and packed - yes you can request this .

You stated you have selected special deliverey so I do not see that the order would be printed as it is not due to arrive until Thursday . Contact customer care and they can arrange that for you .

Livechat seems to be the most popular way , there are other ways though :