Can it move

When I was having my period I found my G Spot quite easily after figuring out where it was but then when my period ended I couldn't find it again.

But today I finally found it I am sure it is deeper now then it was before probably crazy but does it move

With differing levels of arousal, postures, and blood flow, along with degree of muscular tension, then I'd be surprised if it was always in teh same place. clearly i don't possess a g-spot, but i do have experience with the phenmena and yeah i reckon it is transient to some degree

As Dennice says it does swell when aroused so making it easier to find. I have always been too 'squicked' to use my fingers for masturbation so I can't say I can feel difference in that sense but I do know sometimes it's easier to hit with a toy than others and sometimes it takes longer before you get to that yep that's the spot moment.

Having said that the cervix apparently drop lower at certaun times in our cycle so things do shift down there and I have noticed that at times deeper feels better and other times shallow does the job!

Don't know if that's much of an answer for you!

Thanks guys I think I need something that can get in better position roll on pay day

This is something I've wondered myself as it does seem to change for me. A lot of the time I just can't find it! Based on the fact that a women's cervix moves up/down at different stages of her cycle I would assume everything in there could/does move around also. I'm glad it isn't just me who seems to have this problem!