can some one help

i have a big problem with trying to use condoms as when i get erect and ready to get one on i seem to struggle and the more i struggle the more i stress about it and the more i stress the softer i become. has any one got any advise that would help. and i seen to be shy when comes to buying them. please help me.

Ok, First, Breath dude, It's ok!

Second, Relax. Seriously... Getting all worked up will not help you.

Third, Right I'm really not being rude or nosey I promise so please bear with me and forgive me for being so


Is this quite a new thing to you? And how old are you? ( roughly. ;) )

If this isn't new.... Is this with a new partner?

And, Here comes the ball breaker ( Pun not intended! )

Have you got what you would consider a larger than adverage member?

I know these all either seem outright rude/nosey or downright weird/pervy....

But as I'm sure other members will agree.....

I ask for genuinely good natured reasons

i would suggest you relax about this and maybe get your partner to help with putting it on.

Try practising on a cucumber on your own ..I remember this from school.

As for buying them throw them on top of your shopping as if they are just another bit of shopping. If you are unphased buying them it may help you relax using them.

Why don't you get your partner to put it on?

And as for buying... you can order them on Lovehoney

always had the problem from when i first started having sex at 20 im now 29. i dont really know what you would call my size.if you could give advise that will help i dont mind.

ive tried putting them on when i been alone and managed it but i cant when a girl about.

def get her to do it much more fun

girls in the past wont do it. i have asked.

Ok the girls have already come across with some ace advice!

I used to practice on a banana, Seriously Im not kidding!

If you have a nice homely gf, Ask her to help.

If you've had this issue for 9 years then it's time to get back to basics dude!

As for the whole shy thing....

Order them from here in bulk, That way, No-one to ask

i can stay hard long enough in my own company to pratice.

Can or can't?

The veg idea is to lessen the stress and prevent any possible damage to your penis.

banana we had to use cucumbers at school...and we were told off when the condom it was our fault the cucumber was to long lol

Obviously the teacher was a closet size queen!

i can stay hard

Right, Ok thats ok then!

So when you attempt to put a condom on. What are you struggling with?

The beginning stage? Or pulling it back over the shaft?

i dont struggle when on my own i just do when a girl around.

Ahh, Ok....

Not being rude here at all. How many girls have you been with?

If thats too personal, Please don't answer and I apologize for my frankness.

Do you feel nervous around women?

been with about 10. i do get nervous as i want to please them and make them happy.

Ok, Although pleasing your OH is important, Being relaxed and enjoying the moment is also important!

If you're getting in a state, No-one is going to enjoy it.

Have you actually spoken to your current partner about this/?

Is she the kind of girl you can sit and talk with comfortably?

Have all your encounters been one night stands by any chance?