Can You Help Lovehoney?

We're always looking for people to help us spread the message of sexual happiness. We are looking for people of all ages and sexes (couples are particularly welcome) to talk about their experiences openly. Can you help?

We're picky about the stories we respond to - we like educational, sexually happy articles and not sensationalist pieces. Previously people we have worked with have appeared on the telly (This Morning and Channel 4) and in print (including The Sunday Times, The Sun, Grazia, Company, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, More! Magazine, Easy Living amongst others).

These are the sort of stories we respond to:

  • Has anyone has seen their sex life dramatically change due to an event - maybe it was having a baby, getting married, after partner cheated etc. And then how they changed this around, are they the stronger for it? Or maybe they just got in a rut?
  • Maybe something happened or a trend in the press, a book was read etc, they read some advice or a friend gave them some and they've got involved in something they never thought they would and loved it.
  • Are you a couple in a long term relationship who had problems with their sex live, but have overcome them with the help of Lovehoney?

What's in it for me?

We are usually able to secure a fee upon publication for your contribution. We are also able to provide you with some free toys as a thank you. If you are happy to talk to the press please get in touch with us.

I want to help!

Please email and answer the following questions. Please also attach a recent photograph. Unfortunately we can't take anonymous contributors at the moment.

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Relationship status:
  • Location (roughly):
  • Job:
  • Any sex anecdotes/unique stories?:

I wanna do things like this, but still can't for at least a few more months :-/

I'm guessing things like this are always about though =) So maybe one day I will be able to take part.

It's also partly the photo bit... that might still be tricky, even in a few months time, due to my blog.

I love talking about anything and everything sex related, just don't want to ever be on tv lol

I agree. Sex is amazing and im more than happy talking about it on the internet and even with my close friends. Its nothing I am ashamed about but I couldnt go on tv. Have my sex life published in such a strong way is just asking for people to be quite insensitive and we all know about "TROLLS" on the net so unfortunatly I cant... not to suffer through something that I find fantastic just to have my world turned upside down by people who just dont understand!

oooh when ive finnished my college essay, i may have to write up my personal story

Is this to appear on TV?

chels18 wrote:

Is this to appear on TV?

More likely for magazines, really

Recently found lovehoney and brought a new toy set. Wow this has been sex life changing!

Keep talking about it to everybody and anybody who will listen.

Seriously thinking about this as I can talk to most people and don't think anything is shameful or embarrrasing.

Even Hubby thinks it's a good idea!

Only noticed this now - we're both very interested and willing to talk publicly about our experiences. We love reviewing for the site and would love to take the next step!

i would happily do this

Me and my partner would be more than happy to do this. x

Thanks to all who have been in contact so far!

i just need to ask. why job ?

I sent an e-mail to you guys.

The products here have helped me and my fiance a lot.

Thank you lovehoney :D

We have had a massive change in our sex lives due to the 50 shades trilogy and they all know about it at work but I don't think I could do that, good luck to those that can.

pandora21021 wrote:

i just need to ask. why job ?

Hi pandora - it's simply because people like to reader about others they can relate to. Most stories and reality programmes mention people's line of work (just look at X Factor or Great British Bake Off) and it's much the same for magazine and newspaper articles.

Hi, I'm new to the forum. If we could go anon we would be able to share so much about how we've recently enjoyed using your stuff to transform our sex life! We have been together 10 years and are only just getting in touch with each other's more private fantasies! Lovehoney has helped it to happen!

There is no way I'd share it with everyone I know though. It's all waaay too kinky! But I'll be happy to post reviews and stories on the forum!


Tough one this, would love to feel free enough and of extra cash always welcome, but can't help thinking about the change of attitude at the school gates when I collect my 5 year old!!

Wish i was brave enough as yes to Alice's questions change of sex life after baby led to change of partner (not my decision) and now it's great even after the first night he stayed and I swelled up like an I don't know what and had to admit to NHS direct the only unusual thing I'd eaten that night was sperm!!!! And then they made me wake my man or they'd call an ambulance!! Then had to wake the neighbour for some anithistmine who want to call the police as she thought I'd been beaten senseless - no just an odd allergic reaction and bless him he still here!! Love him x

And as an addendum I was mortified to find that my son's coat peg animal when he started school (Catholic) in September was as blinking Chameleon - I was so embarrassed!!

Would love to do this but moneys abit tight at the minute but hope to in the futer