Can you help me???

I was wondering if anyone can help me... I would like to try a dildo but I don't want to spend the money on one if I don't like it I have never used one before... please help

Wise man in Yorkshire once say.... "You get owt for nowt"

On the other hand, go to your fridge and find the nearest cucumber.

I would sugest getting a starter kit, they hav in a bit of evey thing, this is what we got :) i'm not sure if its available any more, but the link should give you an idea :D

He must have been a relation of the sage individual from Lancashire who used to say... " You don't get owt for nowt!"
Sounds like your Yorkshire wise man may have been Geoff Boycott, - sorry Geoff if you read this.

The best place to get a cheap dildo from is probably there super cheap and have a buy 3 for 2 sale on some! There normaly good quality too i've never been too disappointed.

Yep lovehoney is the best place, I only buy from there now :D

Same. I love lovehoney. They've got a great selection, reasonable prices, super fast delivery, and friendly customer service -- what more could you really want?

Let me just say this, I (and sexybeast) have together experimented with cues, etc, and we can both honestly say(specially myself) that unless you are really kinky about cucumbers, etc, go and fork out a few quid for a bit of dildo/vibe stuff, however it may cost you; different things cost different money, so its up to you to do a bit of homework/personal experimenting to find the things you like.

If you have to use a cucumber say you are camping or on holiday or whatever big hint find the spud peeler and peel it first.
Two reasons one its then self lubricating and two you can peel it to the size and shape you like. Just remember it can be rather cold even after being dunked in a sink of hot water.
Not that we know about these things of course. Not so the Sun will ever know about anyway. he he

hehe I had an odd experience with a cucumber... I (for some reason) didnt think it would be freezing when we got it home so we tried to use i straight away... and I hate anything cold.. so in my despration i put it in the microwave and one end of it melted :O

all i can say is start with something small and soft cos there is alot out there that look abit scary so if havent used one before start small check out the ann summers web site usally have sale on some items and good luck and have lots of fun what ever you choose

it is better to try something small first,you often find that they are quite powerfull,but cheap enough to pick up,if you dont like it you can just use it as a stimulant for other parts of you body or your partners and its very handy to take with you

We found looking in the Sunday papers cheap rampant rabbit. Think its www.xxxshop etc. The rabbits are £13.99 and what better way to start off!! looks like a good starter and is under a tenner..even more of a bargain since you get a free finger vibe worth £5!

The one weird place ive seen cheap vibrators is blackpool promanade

and believe me theres some massive black cock dildos

I would suggest looking at vthe products on orgasm army's site and choosing a small-medium slim one to start with and see what you think but im pretty sure once you try you'll be back for more

Yeah, I'd say find one on Love Honey's 3 for 2 sale, and see if you like it, before you invest in an expensive version...

Good luck!! xx

I prefer easy to use, no scary frills kind of vibrators so you may want to look at Fun Factory products. They aren't the cheapest but in this area, you really do get what you pay for. Follow the reviews and make the best decision for your needs and wants.

Best of luck - let us know what you go for, eh?

to flirtybabe is that a picture of you? If so you should be hotbabe not flirtybabe
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