Was doing a bit of history reading on English schools for a roleplay with my bf. Turned out caning was actually used in schools here.

A few things I couldn't find sofar-

Was caning used at home? I have heard about sloppers. What are these?

How were the female teachers compared to male teachers with caning?

Where did the cane came from?

Was there a uniform for teachers? I want to have an authentic reproduction, if I could with him

Anyone wants to share their experience??

not heard of sloppers

that is going to be down to the individual. I am sure there were some females who were harsher than their male counterparts and vice versa


That would depend on the era you are looking at.

kelly_michelle wrote:

not heard of sloppers

Typo for slippers? These are just soft shoes.

My mother got slippers at school, literally slapped as hard as the teacher could across her hands.