Cannot make this shiz up haha!

So we've finally had what I like to call a 'session' - basically more than just sex. Both indulged in some anal play, tried out my first tail and donned one of my review items, got the box of tricks out (collar, cuffs, clamps, paddle, flogger). TV radio on in the background, everything going fabulously then...
# If you're gonna do it, do it right now, do it to me! #
So this cracks me up but we continue after a firm hand, everything goes great, feeling satisfied then...
# It's the loove shack...# 😂 Ah cheesy 80's music, thank you for you accompaniment!
Clearly, little things in life, because I then go on to take a couple pics and ended up turning my flogger into a VERY Blakey (On the Buses) moustache and I've been in a fit of hysteria since 😂😂😂

Anybody else descend into madness after sex or just me? Think I've gone delirious from orgasm haha!

😅 It's little things like that that really bring a smile to my face. I love being silly, sometimes like you say its like "orgasm delirium", utter nonsense and its fabulous.

Nope think it might be just you. Does sound like a hot sesh though!

I can't cope 😂 I just think I'm hilarious, it's sad really 😂

I think it's just you it sounds great fun though 😃

No, you're no the only one. My girlfriend becomes very chatty and giggly after sex :)

Violet, that sounds good fun. No I don't go mad after sex, but Mutley is always super clingy when we have done, I think he thinks my OH is hurting me, my fault all the silly noises I make, can't help it though he is very good.

Just you babe. All i can think of is crawling into bed after lol. Sounds like u had fun x

We don't get to indulge my fetish too often so was good! Quite a release after the last couple months we've had.
Haha FL, we used to have cats and they would sit and watch, or jump on the bed mid-act if we forgot to close the door. No boundaries at all, OUT! So off-putting! So at least Muttley waits until you've finished 🙈😂

After I have an amazingly strong orgasm I decend into a fit of laughing. Sometimes it weirds my OH out a bit hahaha. I think sometimes the endorphin rush manifests itself as laughter and silliness :)