Cant give oral

This might seem really strange to some of you although some might understand.

I like it when my OH gives me Oral but just the thought of me giving him head makes me feel queesy ....he is very clean but still his penis /cum smells .
I have thought about using flavoured condoms but still putting something in my mouth that shouldn't be is not my thing x

Hi Cherie

I totally know what you are saying, my OH is very clean as well, but the thought of it gives me the boak, just can't seem to get over this

Haven't thought about using condoms tho as to me I think that would be just as bad

My OH is very understanding over this.

Have you discussed this with your OH ? If so how does he feel?

In my experience it totally depends on the guy. I love giving my current man head, he tastes amazing and I find it incredibly hot.

BUT- this is actually very specific to him, before I didn't really enjoy it that much- saw it more as a chore! With my ex I used to make it a regular feature when we showered together. That way you can soap him up and get him squeaky clean (and still tasting vaguely of soap), and you can also stealthily spit his cum into the shower stream and he probably won't notice!

Alternatively- there are some pretty amazing flavoured body paints and massage creams. I picked up a chocolate and mint one on holiday in Bruges once- that made blowjobs very tasty indeed (although slightly more calorific!!!).

Lovehoney do a great range of flavoured lubes.

I used to be like this.
I got some flavoured lube and started to enjoy it more.
Now I give head fairly often and don't use the lube anymore!
Still don't allow him to come in my mouth though lol!

StHubbins wrote:

Lovehoney do a great range of flavoured lubes.

I got some as DOTW.....just need stop being prude and try be brave x

I used to feel like this many years ago, I thought I'd never get used to it but then realised I was focusing too much in my mind about what was in my mouth. Once I stopped doing that I was able to just concentrate on my OH's obvious enjoyment about what I was doing to him.

Sometimes it just takes a bit of time and practise to get used to things. I love giving oral now and apparently I'm pretty good at it too!

Give the flavoured lubes a try :)

I tend to find using flavoured lube always helps. I dont think I could give head to my OH without using any.
When I first started giving oral we used flavoured condoms, but he doesnt mind condoms and the lube made everything extra sensitive.

Personally in the past I would have heaved at the though of giving oral! With my OH now I found myself wanting to try, he was so good at it with me. So we tried the flavoured lube thing and I really didn't like the taste of any of them, we ended up giving them all away.

But then we were having a steamy night and I found myself wanting to, so I did and wow, I love pleasing him orally now! (he is so OCD about personal hygine which is perfect as I am to) I like to watch his reaction and tease him by dropping to my knees with a little taster of what is to come before he goes to work!

So I'm with a few of the others on here, If you would have asked me before my current OH I would have almost heaved at the thought but with him I really enjoy it.

To me, it sounds like you're putting too much pressure on yourself hun!
If he's the right man, he won't push you to do anything you're not comfortable with. If this is the case already, try and relax about it all and enjoy your steamy sessions without oral on your mind.
You never know, it might just help you overcome that barrier! And if not, then a you're comfortable and enjoying sex rather than being too tense to enjoy it!

For some people, it's just not for them. And that is perfectly normal!

:) x

You don't need to do anythhing you don't want to.

But I hope that you can come round to it, it can be very pleasurable for women. I would try flavoured lubes.

I don't understand how can a clean person have an unpleasant and off putting scent..maybe go take a shower together,you wash him and then get some flavored is way better with them.

Wise man, he say "no such word as can't"

No, I get this too...

A lot of previous boyf's either put too much pressure on me and got a bit 'porno' on me, or just tasted 'wrong' but with one boyf he was really cool about it and then one night I found I really wanted to, and when I did it got me really hot! Mainly because he let me take total control over it I think...

giving oral is one of my hard limits - I cannot and will not do it, the thought of it actually makes me gag.

If it is a deal breaker in a relationship then bye bye


Hey sweetie,

You're not alone in this issue at all as you can tell! In my experience I have found that some things take time, or are just plain off limits.

For example I have always maintained that my anus is 100% off limits. It is very much an exit to me and thats just the way it is, I can't bear the thought of things going in there! When I'm with someone I just gently explain it's off limits and normally they understand. If they pressure me, I leave *their* anus on the curb haha!

However, lately I've been considering using a small plug on my own to see what all this p-spot stuff is about.

What I've learned from all this is that some things for some people are just off limits and theres not much you can do other than be left alone to sloly get accustomed on your own to the idea. Experiment gently and on your own terms with a toy or cucumber if you feel up to it and you may find you get used to the idea over time. If it helps, there are some great numbing sprays out there for deepthroat. Though these are for deepthroating, you could always use them to numb your mouth whilst you get used to the sensation. I quite like the Comfo​rtabl​y Numb Spea​rmint Deep Thro​at Spra​y from lovehoney (not sure if they still do it, I bought mine a while back and its still going - you only need a small amount of the stuff!)

I hope this helps, but remember its completely natural to not want some things - everyone has their own limits after all! xx

Just remember, if it's the hygiene factor that puts you off, that the mouth has more germs than pretty well anywhere else in the body.

I"m totally in accord with the feeling you might get if your man goes 'all porno' on you and tries to force you to do it when you're not ready, but I also have to say that biologically it's hardly any different from kissing him.

As long as you are doing it when you choose to, if you enjoy him going down on you than you owe it to him to return the favour, even if your verson of it only involves licking it a bit. Deep throating is essentially a party trick and unless you're eager to do that, I'd recommend avoiding it, but if it's reasonably clean I can't see how you wouldn't want to give it some attention now and again.

50 years ago it was probably different as men's personal cleanliness wasn't generally so good. Women, though, are quite literally thousands of times more likely to get infections down there than men, so what's to stop you?

By the way, what men eat will alter the taste of their semen so you might be able to improve your chap's diet and make him taste better ...