Can't have condomless sex until 3 weeks after Mirena?

So I got my Mirena inserted yesterday. My doctor said to use condoms for three weeks instead of just one week because of risk of infection? Does this sound right? I’ve never heard of this before I thought it was always just one week.

It’s 7 days to make sure it’s working as a contraceptive.

Infection is a risk after having a coil fitted and if you are going to get an infection it’s likely to happen in the first couple of weeks or so, so yeah if the doctor is saying 3 weeks, that’s probably correct.

I would trust the Dr with the degree and the experience rather than a bunch of lovely degenerates on the internet lol if they say 3 weeks, then its 3 weeks.

^^^ THIS. Exactly. It takes weeks for birth control to work. It would suck to have gone through the process, only to end up with a pregnancy. And with an IUD, it might even be an ectopic pregnancy that could require medical intervention. Just wait those 3 weeks, then you can do it all you want.