Cant say no to new toys.

Just been on lovehoney to look at a pinwheel and ended up with seven items in my basket and got them all. Going to be a great parcel when it arrives.

Sounds fun! Anything in there you're particularly looking forward to trying?

Think the pinwheel more than anything. Got some nipple clamps that i like the thought of my wife wearing.

Ah nipple clamps are soooo much fun, especially with a little ice! I'm still kinda new to this whole world, what's a pinwheel? I looked it up on the site but it seems a bit daunting

Never used nipple clamps so my wife a bit unsure but think they should be sexy. A pinwheel you run it over your skin and get good sensations to who ever your doing it to. Never used one but wanted to get one for a while now.

The nipple clamps can be pretty intimidating, the kind of thing you just have to jump into without thinking :P Definitely helps if the nipples are already erect though

Ok cool. Gotta wait to wednesday for them to be delivered.

Haha thats what I am like. One minute I have one thing then 5 or 6 the next before chopping and changing and buying something completely different lol x

Yea very easy to do that with all the stuff lovehoney sell.

Have had to restrict myself to just payday otherwise I'd have a house full of discreetly packaged boxes

I'm same as nearly there! This house would be overloaded and no space for them. If I had more money id invest in half the stuff on here

Got the £10 special email yesterday..... damn them! another package arrived this morning!!! It's going to be such a fun weekend, but it's getting to the stage where we need more bedroom furniture to accommodate everything!

Hi my names emma and im addicted to lovehoney!

Maybe tey blindfolding your wife, doing stuff you knows she likes then add in nipple clamps... Gently oviously but see how she reacts as they can look scary!!

Have had a few discrett boxes in april. So much there stuff really could buy from love honey

Pinwheel sounds good! Might have to add it to my wish list x

I ty y not go log on here too much now.

I just checked out the deal of the day and ended up buying

20 * Lovehoney Black Satin Drawstring Toy Bag

Lovehoney Juicer Textured Sensual Glass Dildo Butt Plug

Roll Play Large Butt Plug with Jiggle Ball and Suction Cup

Next time I wlll make sure that I am fully awake before I post lol

If you are into skin sensory the pin wheel is absolutely divine . But be careful about exerting any pressure. We found that you didn't need any pressure when used. Its fantastic if blindfolded with your partner wheeling it over your body. It looks so innocent as well and therefore doen't really need to be hidden away .

Close your eyes and you can use it solo as well.

Ok thank you emma think will be a slow thing wearing nipple clamps.

Will know to not use to much pressure on pinwheel mysteron

I'm being really stric with myself and not purchasing things at the moment. I'm trying really hard to save for the njoy pure wand and the love honey beaded glass dildo, and the 1.75 stainless steel cock ring for my OH.

Im so greedy! It's amazingly difficult to save and I'm so impatient, but must not spend my saved pennies on other things, I will get there in the end.

for sensory fun the Durex pleasure gels with their warming and tingling effects would offer another dimension to your sensory play.