Caption Competition - August - Plus July winners!

While the Prof's away the kittens here at LoveHoney have been at play - mega apologies for the lateness of this post.

So without further ado...

The winners of last month's caption competition are:

SEXYGET 69 for the Male Bumper Review Pack with:

"Mum, Dad, . . . This is the man i've been telling you all about and He wants me to marry him!"

ShySarah2009 for the Female Bumper Review Pack with:

"The Prof thought wearing his studded cock ring might not have been a good idea…"

Artel for the Couple's Bumper Review Pack with:

"After taking full advantage of the "Try before you buy" offer, Prof finally got his wallet out..."

Congratulations ladies and gents, Hella and I will be getting together on Monday and putting your packs together to ship out.


On that note, here is the photo for August. I fully expect some stiff competition over this one! There will be ONE overall winner for August.

Hella wasnt sure a tape measure that long was needed to check how aroused the outfit was making him

Introducing the new invisible puppy play range at Love Honey


The Casualty wardrobe department had gone a bit OTT after reading press criticism that the show needed sexing up a bit


This is not what he imagined Dorothy would look like!!!

The look in the nurses eyes gave the impression someone would enjoy themselves but it sure wouldn't be the patient.

Seeing the look on Hella's face, the crew stopped wondering where the rest of the props had vanished to.

Congrats winners! Do tell us what you won!

In a thinly veiled attempt to hide NHS cutbacks, Big Davie Cameron started the 'Sexy Nurse While You Get Worse" initiative... Dying slowly has never been so fun!

Does my boobs look small in this???

'Look hunny i think im getting a little too old for this' said sarah to her new toy boy

'No no your doing great' replied james

Hella's big con was on. Once he had the cord wrapped around Peter's balls he'd give her everything.

'Could we try a more sexier pose' James said to sarah

As Hella introduced Lovehoney's new range of cupless bras they were met with some scepticism...

'So do all your new staff nurses go through this procedure before they start work?' Sarah asked her new boss

-'Nurse, Nurse, I have something stuck up my bottom.'


Female bag please.

Hella thought it was strange she was working a Sunday with only 'Peter the Perv' in the office...

'How about a little more clevege'??

'Babe i really need to go pee' said sarah

'What do you mean im not sext enough?' sarah asked the guy in charge