Caption Competition! Forum Fun.

Howdy all 

It is one for your favourites competitions... Caption contest!

As we are involved in the Bath Comedy Festival it seems like a perfect time to come up with some witty and funny captions for this pic: 


These two had us in stitches for our vlog and you can watch the full video here:

To enter you need to pop a comment below with your entry. 

The funniest caption will win a bundle filled with Lovehoney goodies!

Runners up shall receive 2000 oh points.

Competition ends Midday 11th April. Any entries after this will not be counted or verified. 

Remember the rules of the forum and make us laugh...

"I'm telling you wain her dildo was this big!" *thought bubbles fill wains head* "I wonder where i can buy one."

"Honestly when errection its this big"!

"So you want to buy her some lingerie to go with the new toys but you don't know her dress size".

"She is about this wide . . . What dress size is that?"

Hoare: My ex bought one of those 'Clone A Willy' kits and used it on my todger!

Wainwright: aww, did she end up with a little bullet?

Hoare: Nope, it was about this big...

May I present my entry for the sex toy competition.... The huge invisible dildo!

Hoare "The problem with big dildos is that when they are this big, where do you put them?"

Wainwright "pardon"

Hoare "I mean where do you store them. I thought it was obviouse where you put then!"

And we shall call this new dildo the "wonder woman" because it will fly in via remote control, be invisible and the woman who can take the size will be a rare one indeed.

You told your girlfriend that her bum were that big!!

And you lived to tell the tale. Your a braver man than me.

Can you guess my reaction when my girlfriend brought up the suggestion of trying pegging.

That what I said how big.

Have you ever seen the programme sex sent me to A&E. Well let me tell you I were the star of that particular episode.

"This was the size of the one that got away"

Honestly that's how long it was after I finally managed to get it out of the vacuum cleaner!

"I'm telling you wain her dildo was this big!" *thought bubbles fill wains head* "I wonder where i can buy one?" "Will it be bigger than mine?" "Can i get it in glitter?"

Reposting as more ideas just came to light :)

... and then she said, "For me to sleep with a guy with a ginger beard his cock would need to be this big!"

Sorry mate.

You.promised it was this big!

"She told me his wang was this big", (wain) "Hahahahaha as if, she must have been talking about that Great American Challenge dildo named Randy that she uses as a door stop"

Hoare: "My feet are enormous. Seriously, they're this big! And you know what they say about men with big feet..."

Wainwright: "They make great clowns?" 🤡

What do you mean it's over 15 inch, that's like, this big dude! .. Yes, that looks about right

Wainwright and Hoare size things up in the latest episode of guess the sex toy

Wainwright "Comedy week! The jokes on you Hoare if you think anybody will believe you"

Hoare explains "The moan drone was this big and brought a complimentary cuppa"