Cat Suit for men

Can i ask if any of the men have tried a cat suit

Im interested in the

I would buy large - but i hope it would fit as im 6,3


I don’t think this would be long enough in the body for you. I’m 5’11 and this definitely is a tad short in the body for me.

Rides up in places it definitely shouldn’t lol

I should mention I have this in a 1XL/2XL

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Shame as I liked the zip on the bottom - may gamble to get one for my husband - but he needs wider for shoulders but being a size 14 in women’s it may look silly if I get 3xl

Haven’t yet but would like to try at least once. I think the ones LH sell are designed specifically for women as @ChloJakes and @batjamboree mentioned the dimensions would not be suitable for most men.

There are some companies that do a range of latex catsuits but not sure if that is what you are looking for?

I cannot stand latex - horrible stuff :dotted_line_face:

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I’ve got a black latex one and live it . I did have a red one for a while … ought to get another

I feel your pain. I have a wet look one but I’m 6’2 and it’s far too short. When matched with a pair of thigh high boots you can’t see the leg of the catsuit stopping mid-calf though

Meow? :smile_cat: I’d say it’ll fit in places but might find areas like the chest could be a bit loose depending on your body shape… the good thing about stretch fabrics though is they’re very forgiving so shouldn’t think you’ll have too much of an issue :slightly_smiling_face: