CBT and Chasity

Hello All, I’m a big fan of chastity, I’m self locked but not found anyone to help out yet. I was wondering if anyone had any tips for CBT. I suppose it’s all about trying new things out

I know what like, but I know I couldn't inflict it on myself! I love to have my balls spanked, especially after a ruined orgasm.

What have you tried so far?

Would be good to know what you have done so far. Wearing a cock ring can actually be quite painful after a long period of time it can start to ache..plus they do weighted ones.

or what about a ball stretcher. You can get them in a ring type or go for the block ones.

Simple bonadge of your other half undies also works well. Use of footwear is also common from rubbing against/between shoes/boots to being kicked/stood on.