Change in texture - Sliquid Lube

Hi everyone,

Well having some fun yesterday morning, I reached over to get some lube out and spotted the Sliquid Natural Gel I haven't used it in a while so I thought I would use it.

Obviously, I squeezed some out. However the consistency of the lube seems to have changed since the first few times that I used it. Now it's extremely watery and there isn't any "hold" as a gel or a lube (in my opinion) should be. I purchased the product only a couple of months ago so I doubt it would have gone out of date within the time.

Please may someone shed some light. Is it suppose to be very watery and I must have got confused with another product. Or have you experienced similar problems?

I store the lube in a drawer which isn't near a radiator so there isn't much fluctuation in temperature.

its not very watery, the H2O lube is far more watery, this one it thicker. I got one myself and I opened it in August and used it yesterday. Did not notice any change in consistency. Even after several months. Wondering if yours is from older stock? But sounds strange.

is it near a radiator? it shouldn't change it but that may effect it. also give it a good shake it may just have seporated

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