Chastity devices for men? Newbies!

Thinking about getting the other half a chastity device as a domination role play (he’s keen), but neither of us have ever used one, I like the look of the Chasity Cages but not sure which is best to trial and also not cost a fortune. Other concern is that the OH is a ‘grower’ not a shower… which I can’t help but would make a difference with these?!

Chastity Play / Experiment is a great one to have a read through if you’ve not already. :+1:

But hopefully you’ll get a few direct responses here too. :slightly_smiling_face:

There is a huge choice of styles and materials but this one is a good starting point.

I have the same one @Rockstar has linked to, I wore it pretty much 24/7 for a few months, with Mrs Sen being in charge of my releases and only taking it off for sports or shaving if she didn’t want to use my penis for her pleasure.

I found it a great cage, really comfortable for the most part and it certainly adds a medieval look to your package. I (and presumably rockstar) are fortunate that we are the right size for the device, 2 things to consider -

1st - The size of the ring. The dominix comes with just the one ring, a 1.75inch round ring. This will be suitable for most men unless their testicles are abnormally large, small or “high and tight”. If the circumference around his penis/balls is larger than 1.75inch then the ring may be too tight and constrict bloodflow (not good), this is worse than if its much smaller than 1.75inches. There are guides on how to measure, but basically take a piece of string or ribbon and wrap it around underneath his testicles and on the top of his penis where it meets his body. Pull this taught (not so tight as to constrict) and then measure that on a ruler, that will give you the circumference you need.

2nd - The length and girth of his flacid penis. If he is a grower then chances are he will easily fit in the cage when flacid, but it will pay to check. Again, measure him soft and double check against the measurements of the cage.

Ideally you want the cage about 1/2 an inch shorter than his stock flacid length. This will ensure his penis sits comfortably against the end of the cage and prevent any growth. As the dominix cage isn’t adjustable, I wouldn’t expect this to be a perfect fit length wise (mine isn’t) and this isn’t as important as the ring.

You certainly don’t have to jump in feet first in the deep end like I did, you can have him wear the device only during sex play or during the day etc, how you choose to control him is between you both.

If you both decide that it will be worn overnight, be prepared for disrupted sleep as nocturnal erections which occur naturally will cause him to wake and he’ll have to pee to relieve the pressure. My worst night was up about 7 times.

Have fun with it, lock him up, tease him and use him for your pleasure. I am still astounded at the buzz you get from having sex and not orgasming myself, even for periods beyond what I would have normally thought “I needed” an orgasm.

As senator said the key to chastity play is tease and denial.

Once he is caged keep him on edge by teasing physically or mentally but don’t let him orgasm till you’re ready. You can tease him at any time by touching or stroking.

In bed (or wherever) you can make him give you as many orgasms as you want as often as you want without touching him. You can masturbate him or make him masturbate himself with toys or by hand but don’t allow him to come. This can be done caged or uncaged if you have a wand.

My wife enjoys me wearing a strap on to have sex with her so that I derive no pleasure but her favourite, at the moment, is to uncage me and have full PIV or anal sex but with no orgasm for me.

This leaves me hyper aroused but feels great for the rest of the day.