Just some chat related general questions.

Do people on the site generally accept all friend requests?

Do people generally prefer to minimise chat or only speak about specific subjects

Do people remove friends from the list if they have no real interest in chatting to them

It would be nice to see a photo of someone who sends me a request after all they can see mine, only fair they share theirs. So for most who do not have photo, or who has never posted on here I choose not to accept them.

I have removed some people who sent a request and I have accepted but only to find they are not interested in chatting. Primarly that is why I add or accept people, for a chat, not to be popular and add just to appear popular. I think everyone of my friends I have spoken to at some stage.

Topics can range from music, films, hobbies, to some very private conversations once I have built up a kind of relationship and a certain amount of trust .. but I am careful who I trust with information.


i am with dee on this. I add people hoping for a chat but then you never really see them on and when you do you try chatting but get nothing back! I have started deleting people because it looks like I am some chat whore seeing my friends list! lol

Thanks guys - Ork it wasn't so much a request for assitaance on how to use chat or the general do's and donts.

It was more of a straw pole on how each person uses the chat feature (a badly framed question on my part I think)

I take what you mean re the FAQ's though for the technical aspect.

I agree with you Dee with a photo you feel as if you are taking to a person (not actually in the photo pose:)

I suppose some dont have the equipment to take a pic or are just shy or self consious.

I'd be interested to hear other peoples thoughts on how they use the chat feature

I do have a chat now and again.

Normaly I wait for people to chat to me.

I tend to add people who requested me as a friend, and then if they dont bother chatting after a couple of times, defriend them.

Most of the time I dont even get so much as a hello, and end up being accosted for dirty talk straight away!!!

(which I dont mind per se, but I do like to get to know someone and have non sex related chats before I work my magic ;) lol)

I find the chat on here pretty patchy, and I think some of the lack of answers is due to this...have to say I hate that you can't have chat open while you browse the shop area, although has probably saved me money!!