Cheeky Monday Order ;)


Well it's Monday again so to try and rid myself of the working week blues I've decided to place a little cheeky order for myself and Miss Gothic to enjoy ^__^

Firstly we're attending the Theatre later this week so I thought it would be the perfect occasion to try out a remote control toy, fortunately we are going to see Stomp so I'll have more then ample opportunity to be naughty and get her all worked up, bet the people sitting near us won't have ever seen anyone enjoy going to the Theatre this much lol!!

Secondly I decided to take advantage of the great prices of the Rabbit Vibrators, she doesn't own any toys that go inside and for some reason it's a huge turn on for me just thinking about getting to watch her put something inside herself... I know I'm strange lol!! I would say I'm looking forward to this more then the Remote Control fun at the Theatre ;)

Finally I went with a set of Kegel Balls, I've seen these loads of times and was never really sure about them but after reading several reviews people seem to really enjoy them, so I thought what the hell there cheap enough that even if she doesn't like them it's not a huge loss, I'm not sure what she'll think of them.... I think she might be a little scared that they will disappear up inside her lol!! After a bit of thinking I've decided we'll be trying these out at the gym later this week which will let her feel all naughty while she works out and then I'll get to reap the benefits once we get home ;)

So has anyone else decided to place a little cheeky Monday order to help them get through their working week blues??

Umm not a Monday but sunday my delivery estimates wednesday a steel smooth speculum and suspender tights with my Oh points

You have some great ideas already for your purchases!

It sounds like you and Miss Gothic will be having lots of fun x

Let us know how the theatre trip goes :)

I too have indulged in a cheeky monday order.

I ordered a remote control love egg too, going to be using it when out for hubby's birthday on sunday :) Have been wanting to do this for ages, but thought waiting until his birthday was the best occassion.

I also indulged in the deal of the day. After seeing so many ladies rave on here about glass I have decided to give it a go.

Very much looking forward to this parcel arriving.

Hope you enjoy yours when it arrives too.