Christmas Beards, anyone?

Forget Christmas jumpers, OH has asked me to break the habit of a lifetime and grow facial hair, just for the Christmas holidays. Three days in and all going well - OH saying she loves the feel when I go down on her, and getting better by the day. Infact yesterday she admitted each time she sees it she wants me more... so why have I waited so long?

Drawbacks? I'm not a fan and spending most of my day reaching novice bikers and wearning a full face helmet means it gets a bit itchy but I know the pay off will be good!

Anyone else found themselves in my position?

The itching eases in time. Stick with it.

If you are not used to having a full beard it will take a couple weeks for the itching to completely stop as the sensation is new, depending on how fast it grows. After a few trims and a month or so of having one you will be able to shave completely and regrow it without any itching.

I have been completely clean shaven twice since I was 15 lol I can't stand being without facial hair of some shape!

Judging by the way the OH likes it, I'll certainly be sticking with it for a bit. Not sure how far I'll let it go yet before getting a little trim at least!

HI James, not heard from you for a bit. I'm sporting a week's growth now for much the same reason. Itching does get easier even with a helmet on most of the day. I would console myself knowing what it would do for my OH when I was 'down there'. She is certainly appreciating it now and defo wants me to keep it. Only problem is that she keeps running her fingers though it and giving me a hardon that can only be satified one way. Did I say problem?

My OH hates the feel of too much facial hair when we kiss. Drives me nuts!

However, I can definitely see how it would make it feel good for her downstairs. Maybe I'll bring it up again!

All my partners have been clean shaven until my last... god its sexy

Stay with it.but. i do think only a certain man can pull it off thou ...

My OH has one... I love it... he has his bout 4 months now... He generally keeps it trimmed but recently he has let it grow longer... Super lush :)

Im currently letting mine grow ... Usually have a long stubble kinda look but have decided to just let it grow!

Does take a long time to get to a length where its softer. I've found even then my OH doesn't really like it (anywhere, not jut kisses)

I cant get past growing day 5-6 gets crap looking and quit.

I have grown one. The wife wanted to seee with a beard a while back. She likes it. Says it really suits me. Obviously it tickles her fancy. I keep mine shaped and shave it to a No2 with my hair clippers. Doesn't really itch anymore.

Reporting back at day 5. Should have done this long ago. OH desperate to try it every night to see the difference. She's never been so keen! Certainly gets her super aroused when I'm down there. Says its a bit scratch when kissing but otherwise the only complaint is that she wants me during the day when I'm at work! My complaint? There's a surprising number of grey hairs there! More than anywhere else!

Oh man, this beard thing. I'm up to day 10. It's needed a trim now but the payoff has been immense. Last night OH demanded the usual action with it down there then said 'its time for your reward, how about doing it round the back" Thought she meant a spot of rimming only to find when I turned her over her largest butt plug in place. She told me to take it out and put myself there. Wow! still coming down from that one. This morning OH had one more surprise. Woke me by gently pressing same plug into me and saying 'lets get serious tonight'. Then said I had to keep it in under my leathers all day. Oh boy, has Christmas come early.

Hope you'll report back tomorrow Tommy! My OH loves anal play, more so now I give her a bit of friction there when rimming. She loves the feeling of my beard on her back and shoulders when gently riding her anally. Not sure how much longer I can keep up this activity though!

I shaved around the end of Oct for something that never happened and as I got annoyed with what happened I though "F**k It" and decided to go as long as possible without a shave.

I've been know to grow a beard in the past although never for this long but I love it, and I do think it suits me. Certianly going to keep growing it untill well into the new year and If I can get to the end of Feb before seeing what it's like.

I haven't shaved my goatee area since early October. It's hanging about 3inches below my chin now.

Have to report back ten days on. Beard doing well with just a little trim. Have to say (with all due modesty) it looks good!

Better still, OH loves it. Kisses me more, wants me to go down on her all the time (nightly sex? not done that for a while) and also loves me to gently kiss her nipples whilst grinding gently. Still loves me gently rubbing her back when going for it anally. Sex has definitely taken a turn for the better - more erotic, longer lasting and more of it. I'd recommend others give it a go.

I have quick facial hair growth and absolutely hate shaving so shaved about once a week, I can have a shadow with hours of shaving! I also hate the itchy feeling after a couple of days growth so for Xmas I got a surprise of a beard trimmer as my OH confessed she loves me with a day or two of growth! Got to admit it does suit me and it's so much easier than having to wet shave.

I'm giving this a go this year. Have to be clean rest of the year due to work - but with two and a half weeks off, thought I'd see how OH likes it. So far so good! OH can't keep her hands off at the moment and loves me going down on her. And that's with just 3 days growth! How did you other guys get on after last year's go?