Clearing of hair

Hi all,

My wife and I have discussed entering into some anal play again and we are planning onto taking the jump into it. However one of her requests before playing with mine is for me to be clear of hair (fully understandable - I would imagine its like a bullet wound to chewbacca back there!). Does anyone have any advice on best way to clear the hair? She isn’t a fan of many hair removal creams as they leave a lasting scent which puts her off. Obviously shaving is an option but can’t be easy. I know it can be waxed but not sure if I could handle that pain level. Any ideas or experiences you could share would be great



Sorry can’t help, but love the quote


If you go to a professional for waxing it is literally over in seconds, yup a bit embarrassing to contort yourself, but they know their business. Stings for a few secs, but the more you have it done the easier it is and lasts for weeks


Waxing doesn’t hurt too much as the hair there is finer.
Woowoo hair removal cream doesn’t have the strong smell that some of the others do.


Shaving works fine.

I shave around my anus, my entire pubic area up to my navel and a razors width at the top of my legs.

I don’t use a mirror. I do it all by feel.


Shaving is easy, straightforward and pain free :rofl:
You could always get her to give you a hand but if you dont want to then you can probably manage it yourself with a good razor and a mirror :+1:

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As @Joe_90 said, be careful not to end up in a heap in the shower tray.:joy:

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I get waxed semi regularly. The pain is worse in your head than what you actually feel.
I have sensitive skin, so there can be a bit of redness in areas after wards, but if you listen to the professionals who do it on how to look after your bits once done or before youll be fine.

Good ol 5 blade razor will do the trick. May need to use a body trimmer to mow it down a bit first though. Then just stay on it every other shower or so. Works just fine for me.

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It’s shaving for us but we are both happy doing each other which adds to our fun. I love seeing him face down while I’m parting his cheeks, shaving foam ready and a good five blade razor. I was surprised how much he enjoyed it once he got over the initial nervousness, we like to go a bit hairy at times too :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Each to their own as others have said xx I hate body hair … full stop- particularly there! X

I keep myself fastidiously smooth all over … including the bum, and find that ‘reaching through’ in the shower with a good quality ladies razor always does the trick … you don’t need a mirror, just feel when it is smooth xx

My go to razor is a Gillette Venus.

R xx

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The more you get waxed the less it hurts or you get used to it, but it’s over in seconds. And feels so much better after.

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I can only imagine how it feels. But I love being shaved smooth.

Feels so nice being waxed after, the more you get waxed the less hair grows back. I will never go back to shaving.

Usually shaving for me. I tend to do it after a quick soak in the shower, find it helps opens the pores. Then shaving foam and a blade. Might trim it down first if there is a bit of a bush! But slow and steady is the advice.
If you do nick yourself worry not just press a tissue to it.

Rather than shaving foams, try good quality body moisturising cream as they don’t leave your skin dry and when you are finished everything is smooth and moisturised. These sorts of creams also stop any razor dragging or burn. Plus you can select one you both like the smell. It’s a win win.

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I shave MrsIwill . She has done the same for me, but a bit nervous doing balls.
When im shaving her folds , i find a nasal hair trimmer skimmed over the area avoids any irritation.
Foam and a razor for the bush, thighs,
up to lip edges and around ass.

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Lovely use of the word fastidiously!

Waxing is my preferred , but most of the time I use magic shave powder ( original strength ) . Hopefully my wife will feel up to doing my back side with our at home ice laser soon .

Woowoo hair removal cream is pretty good. I find first use doesn’t get you smooth but using it again a few days later gets everything and then it is just a matter of keeping on top of it!