What does your climax feel like? And what get’s you there?

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A fantastic release and feeling of well-being.

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I tend to describe it as bliss but it only lasts for a small moment then you get the comedown

In my case it’s a total loss of control.

My wife tells me that when I cum I sometimes squint!

So hard to describe and depends on what we are doing. Straight sex no toys with either PIV/PIA, blow job, hand job, the feeling starts from around the middle of my penis up to the head, as I get closer to cumming the feeling and sensation is more around the head of my penis but also have this sensation right between my eyes and the sensation when I finally cum is the same, the head of my penis and between my eyes.

If I am being pegged or anal play for me, the sensation is magnified with the sensation of my prostate stimulated. Prostate orgasms the sensation is deep within my ass but still feel a sensation in my penis but more within my ass, and the feeling of having an orgasm without ejaculating is awesome and they come in waves. When I finally ejaculate while pegging or other forms of prostate stimulation the sensation is mind blowing. All the different sensations in your ass, penis, brain all come together for an orgasm out of this world. I always tell my wife it’s like an out of body experience, totally lose myself, like I lose all sense of what’s happening around me and in the total state of bliss.