Clone a willy kit. Yes or No?

As the title says...

Not sure about this, i think it would be a bit of a laugh. i like the idea of it and the reviews seems to add to that.

Should i?

I bought one and it was a huge giggle, even after reading the instructions, watching the youtube video and rereading the instructions before we did it the whole thing messed up.
We don't regret buying it was a massive giggle but I did need to buy more of the mix to have another go.

I say go for it for a giggle we're still talking about it now :)

Brought it, did it, loved it.................

We say definately go for it, brillant fun doing it and loads of fun with it since, it is an amazingly accurate copy! It is very easy do to but just be careful how you place the vibrator in the mould, make sure it is central.

I've always wanted to have a go at one of these, it looks like so much fun, but the OH is not convinced.. He's definitely got the member for it, better than me :(

It is a lot of fun.

we didn't centered the vibrator. So we messed it up.

but it was a very good copy and we would have used it if we made a better one.

I would try this out as I can imagine it would be fun. But I would feel such a prat.

we have bought one of these and are planning to make it at the end of this month when we have the time as all the reviews I have ready say it takes time & to read the instructions carefuly!! lol but I am hoping it works and we do it properly becasue this would be such a brilliant toy for me when oh is not around!!! (I also plan to film us making it!! lol)

My other half bought one a few years back as he was away a lot and we did mess it up but it ended up being a lot of fun and i still have it now. I was actually thinking of buying another for Christmas.

Did one with my ex but we totally messed it up, waste of money really x

Can I ask, I keep seeing people saying they messed it up and I have read on the reviews that say 'to read instrucitons very carefuly'.

When you say 'you messed it up', what part did you mess up? Can you advise which part we should be carefull with when making?? - any tips would be good?

I think you need to be really precise with the temperature of the gloomy stuff. When it says it has to be precise, it really does! But when you reach the temperature you have to be soooo quick to do the next steps. I'm not sure where it went wrong for us but I wouldn't buy another one x

It sounds fun and interesting. I would love to have a replica of my oh's member :P I would get it. It'll be fun.