cloning my willy?

my and my SO just bought the clone a willy kit and i have a bit of a concern

i dont want to toot my own horn but i have an "above average" length and girth and am worried there wont be enough mix to make a full length mold

im 7.8 inch length and 6 inch circumfrence will this work?

Long as you cut the tube to the right size it'll be fine. The bigger you are the moulding agent you need. As for the silicone there's loads! We had a bit left over. If its one with the vibrator and you are concerned about the amount you'll need you can buy a larger unit from the clone-a-willy site.

Good luck!

Ooops the LESS moulding agent you'll need. Sleepy Rosy.

yeah that was my concern the amount of silicone

There's loads in the kit, once you take the vibrator unit into account it really only needs to be 3/4 full.

okay thanks for the help well give it a go soon :)

How did you go? Yes as Rosy said you should be fine!

I'm thinking of getting a clone-a-pussy kit any people used one and any tips on how to get the best effect?

Quiet ones are worse! wrote:

I'm thinking of getting a clone-a-pussy kit any people used one and any tips on how to get the best effect?

paitence is the best thing I can advise!

well ive made the mold and poored the siliscon now just a few hours to wait till i can reveal it so excited xD

Yey for you 😄

Keep me posted how it goes. We had terrible luck with ours .

ooo im fascinated to know if its really difficult to do!

Glitterismyfavourutecolour, we found it really difficult. We ended up having to call it quits after 2 kits, it went 'you know what' up.

Hope you are having fun, we did it a few years ago and loved it, but our first go didn't work. My bf is too big and I had to bin the first load and buy 2 more. It worked with 2. Best thing ever :-) btw, it helped when he put a cockring on.

Hmmm, someone needs to offer a cloneawilly service!!

Now that could be an interesting job! 😆

I wanted to do this. But i have a steady curve in my penis. And i touched both sides due to curve ... can you get extra girth ones?

We are thinking of getting a clone a willy kit but we have just ordered a clone a pussy kit first to see how long you have to work with the contense and how difficult it is

It took us 2 goes to make 1. The first one we took too long and the powder mix set way to fast for me to insert into it. The second go was a few weeks later as we didn't buy extra powder with the first purchase. Something to consider for those trying it for the first time. It is fun to do, but the my wife finds the silicon clone of me to be way too firm for her to enjoy. She was hoping it would have been a bit more softer and have some flex so that she could use it without discomfort, we did get the vibrating version so I don't know if that takes out the flex. Not sure if the firmness is our fault in the mixing stage or just the quality of the material.
So my clone is tucked away in a drawer with all the other toys we tend to not use anymore. Not sure why I keep them, maybe in the hope that one day they will get used again. Who knows!