I am interested in getting a Cockring, but unsure if they do want I want. I believe they make your Cock harder & thicker and give you an explosive orgasm. But I would like my cock to remain hard after orgasm so I can continue fucking my wife will a Cockring allow me to do this? Please help.

A cockling dose feel great and constrict the blood flow making you harder and dose help give a better orgasm. It will keep you harder for a bit after you come but not very long. Very worth while getting one and trying it as they are pretty inexpensive.

G has several cock rigs but prefers this which is more versatile than a ring. You can adjust the size, easily remove the strap and even wear it around the wrist when not required!

A ring around the cock and balls is best, but you'll need to trim your pubic hair to stop it catching in the ring while thrusting. If you use a ring simply around the cock, don't have it too tight or it may be uncomfortable when you cum.

I got this one a few weeks back It's the first one I have tried so the adjustability was what sold me on it and if you are new to cock rings I would recommend it. There is a noticable effect and the adjustabilty means you can easily find what is comfortable and in the event it becomes uncomfortable, it can be quickly slackened off. So far only used it solo so can't comment on if the OH likes the effects, but I most certainly do!